Drunk July

Drunk July passage of time, Liuniansishui, under the eaves of time, shrouded in the hustle and bustle of the Red, complex flavors Chen lives, to hard to find a quiet.Impetuous heart sinking, as the sun rises manipulation of the emotions, desire a quiet elegance.Deep down beat note, you can clearly hear the uneasy protest, telling the love and hope for quiet. July summer, thick tone a little color around getting heavy, and summer is dyed green world, slightly colorful color, except the lack of a light, less flowers and fountain, those shiny glossy dark green leaves, delicate as people get heart.Standing on the green world, Ye Hao thick, pale worth mentioning, as long as they like, why do pushy! Summer morning, a rare quiet, sunny excessive enthusiasm, warm, fragrant perspiration dripping, the years of the branches still flourishing bloom.The sinking of the heart elegant summer lintel filled with rhyme poetry, love this time, do not panic do not disturb, a touch of joy, and the light of love, heart, if quiet, pleasant scenery will. In times like a knife season, forehead carved the vicissitudes of life, walking in the road of life, more and more like a quiet life, time bald wrinkled, like a tree of life flowers, or tender and beautiful, or elegant, are this way our landscape.Mood, after heavy storms become bigger and bigger, once full of childish innocence, as all the hustle and bustle of the road, engraved or deep or shallow imprint. Under the eaves of the earth, and time go hand in hand, each of the beginning and end of life, the years are the most beautiful bear in mind that loss, do not look for, cherish the good, just normal to treat to calm to accept you smile for life, life will smile at you.Water over the days glide, finally learned to quiet, no longer sad autumn leaves, withered flowers, no longer is rather melancholy.Keep looking at the front of the plain, a ray of scholarly, Banzhan tea, forget life’s trivial, the hustle and bustle, enjoying a quiet, had good eyes every day.