Chen Zhihong: in advance, to realize their dreams

Everyone has their own dreams, big dreams, but also have small dreams, but also dream about money, but also about the dream career.Man with a dream is worth learning, but to dream and pursue people are honorable. But, on the way to realize their dreams, we also see a lot of people have been fighting, many people still do not forward. In the past few days with friends, of which there is a friend that I see you were ashamed.I know how to do, but that is not to do.Hear the words of a friend, others may not feel.But I thought of my own. I also really like that way, really hard enough, if we can strive point, then also more rewarding. On the network to go for a long time, really you will find a lot of road.The road is suitable for us, but we really do not do it. Because we do not worry, we always think, there is a tomorrow.But tomorrow is so many, many months later. Thinking of her friends, in order to achieve the dream of doing things, we compare with them next. Really it would be more ashamed.Because they fight than we really are not a little two. There is a girl group, the university is science tourism, but English is her specialty, graduated, do Ali, at that time still a free Ali finally became a single.Ten thousand.But the money that she just graduated million for goods. So she took his student ID card, diplomas into the street to look for.Who wants to look her credit. Behind someone really willing to give her credit.She earned thousands of dollars. Back then she thought, just graduated to find the next job.Then went into a foreign trade company, it is a big company, but the basic salary before 1500.This is also the 1500 base salary, she insisted for two years.In fact, she had not only just a single 1500. However, in order to better exercise, it is to insist she take, but the manager also pretty bad for her. By the time he finally want to start, really even the cost of living is a problem.She said, do not come out, really want to starve to death.So she came out.By three credit cards, but also pay Ali of 3688, but also a purchase, is not capital. So she can sell the cheapest, a dollar, two dollars, to sell 3 dollars, four dollars. We certainly hard to imagine how her that time is over.But she really back up. In fact, her other process of struggle, I think it is not important for me, that she could get a student card to credit, as well as take it to the credit card business, like this man, where can do together.And we really do not have such courage. If we can, then we are sure we will be more than happy now too. Just on the road looking for the dream, we are always afraid, always worry too much than others. So she now has factories, so there are several shops, good to the office, these are her deserve.We have had better than their environment, but we really do not do it, not to cherish. Touches them, they have nothing really to do it, but also rely on them for everything. In our group there, and a girl, age is also small, is 89 years. She did not study at university, after graduating from high school went to the line, on the line, she thought, I can not for life of the pipeline right.He knew at that time, to be sitting in the office, you must know computer.So she went to spend money on training. She spent all their savings 2000, plus find his sister by 1000, to attend computer training. That six months, she went to a half-day of training at night to work properly, and that six months, she slept only five hours a day. And at that time she was a month’s salary of 700. She was then transferred back to the office when the clerk in the office, she saw those who earn the most have to do business, but also by Ali doing business, she told the boss said, can you give her integrity through open.The boss said no. She said that I can not open his own money, I do not affect the normal operation.A single of the same to the commission. The boss said, can the.The back of her own money to open his own integrity, had no money, more money. But it is like this, and then back into our group, and then back up really doing. Then followed by a same company to do business in their boys in love with him, then that is married.Then out of his own company.89 years of sister.A5 is now open.Sometimes we think, in fact we are okay condition than they. But why do not we just do it.How every day we are at rest, at play with all. On the way to realize their dreams, they really better than many of our efforts.We have the capital, but we will not abandon.They do not have that opportunity, but they are trying to create that opportunity in. They called that way youth youth, it looks like they only make sense to write youth. When can we as they did it, but if we can be like them, so nice ah. So, that is not how much capital, that is not how smart people, how many will harvest. Harvest has been part of those who have been very hard, continuous efforts have been upward, belonging dreamer. I have a friend around.In fact, reading is not likely to read, but also write the line, when it comes to test into high school.So I bought, and buy the concept of high school at that time.So his father would find someone to borrow money to spend thousands of pieces, let him in high school. High school behind him to read or not read, like this certainly pass the test to the university entrance exam, he thought, to go to Art. Art students university entrance exam, then it will be much simpler.He borrowed money, to get people to learn. Later he finally admitted to the undergraduate comparison, is still very common undergraduate.But she was a little worse than we are, are super good looking girlfriend, she really is a little thick skinned.This is commendatory, hee hee. She had to find a girlfriend is the daughter of the school principal of their college.She later graduated from open studio back home. This time she was there with her graduate students together, admitted to our county’s civil service.He looked down a bit.That is, there are times to meet suffered such a stimulus, he decided to continue to read, so do not do the work, has been exam. Really behind enrolled as a graduate.Now graduated from college.University teacher. Just about his writing, he’s up, he’s been trying to find ways to.He is now not only the class.Also spent a lot of money, to send a lot of gifts.Every day to get to know those people better than his.I think he was really well done. He is eleven very quiet person, but every time I see him think she has full power. To dream, he really has been up, he said, to engage in the arts in this life anyway, until one day he was dead. He like this people really get rich, every dream, has been able to pay people who are really worthy of admiration. So many people also see this in the spirit, he is working with, but also will promote his paintings, he will be better tomorrow. So often, I was thinking, we in the end is how. Why the same 24 hours, others can do so well, and we can only be like this. Like get older, like 24 hours, maybe when we were lying down watching television, others may struggle in efforts.When I was still thinking about where to go to play, someone else is already underway.As early as we have come to the front. and so.Many people could live better than us, they really have to have a reason to give.Because they really fight than we.On the way to realize their dreams, I never have been really unruly dance, and you compete with, only people trying to realize their dream of advance. My name is Chen Zhihong, a whole life to the pursuit of progress and dreams.On the micro-channel / QQ: 838504315