Calling from early spring

In the morning, I suddenly was awakened by sounds outside the window magpie.Look at bedside phone, has more than six points, the room dim, and awakened me but you can not sleep, tossing and turning in bed warm, one after another, things like the piece of mind Like the movie camera.    Remember, this thing somehow feels like and go against their own, some people, some things, though in our life has become one through landscapes, but in retrospect, would warm the nostalgic taste just like playing.    Mindful of the mood of spring, life, how can only live in their own world?Sad for his lost love, regret the loss of time for themselves, sometimes even passing one of his strange smile, can become an image in their memory.    Yesterday, received a friend’s phone, I thought a long time, he said that the students of junior high school when I.The students naturally want to talk about in the case of school time, however, in which familiar and unfamiliar words, I can not find the shadow of the students, I missed his memory, he still missed his memory?Skeptical, I do not want to hurt each other’s enthusiasm, but I swear with, is it me too hypocritical yet?I walk in each other’s long lost in the excitement, and sometimes really flawless.For this phone, whether I am at what life in the confirmation?I would like nothing more than a “feeling” words.    Love, though intangible, look vain, but in our life actually is everywhere, the New Year, relatives, friends, classmates of time together, in this special day, whether we admit non-recognition, Mindful of the mind share of love relatives, friends, classmates always indispensable.    Think of these, in the evening, and I brought the students to leave my number call back when the other party does not answer, I caught the sound of the beep, the moment I do not know that is for their own neglect and deep remorse , but also for the students care, and returning to a deeply felt glad that care and are concerned about being happy.    Usually, rush, no spare time to reveries, to wonder, only in the festival, and my heart to lose share feelings at this moment will be unexpected, think of it, his heart is always warm, touch his hand, but it is cold, sour thoughts we make some heartache in the lonely back, will feel uneasy!    People walking on the road, time to fill our footprints, our way of life but stranded in the scenery but folded into one to remember symbols fall on our life time living and writing about writing such a memory, not in the comfort of injury heart, but nourishing again and again in the years of struggle tired mind, after all, we are still at the foot of the continuation of the road!    Another year has come the spring, although spring out of the window of the continuation of the silence of the winter, spring can people already in the mind of agitation for this moment people’s behavior, some of them because life is halfway to distant cities to work, they have because of the need to study some of them have quietly packed up ready to set sail traveler, and not to ask, those parts of a commitment letter in the spring under the plan, we have to send best wishes to sail their lives.Now, that is a busy time in front of a moment in time and separation, at the time of the early spring, sometimes, let our hearts is to touch the spring departure time of heartache and sadness.Family, friendship and love, in a moment in time where it not like a glass cup thick wine, and after parting in it together, and why not for a cup of bitter coffee?    Festival, will soon be over soon, I once again taste the flavor of this festival, the ups and downs salty, complete inaction, life is not absolute colors, there are expectations, there is the desire, of course, there will be a loss, there is no choice.    Life, love life.On the road of life, for us, always finish the text; although some people had not come, can stay in my heart will always be part of the situation in a corner of my heart, out in the spring comes sun drying; some love already, but dependent on the situation of those people at some point in life will always continue to inspire you to fight, when spring comes, as is the breeze, life can always appeal to our forgotten spring.    North early spring, although they are still a continuation of winter dismay, however, we look for spring and text already on the road, has been looming in the withered little bit of green grass on the lawn on the outskirts of the grass began to sprout at the sunny side of the corner, spring green, loomed people sleeping dreams, even your own home sleepy kitty to get up too early.Spring season, is one such stir the hearts of all things, my words have been agitated in the spring, not sleeping, not wandering lonely house, the share had been buried years of longing again in the early spring season surging up.Silence is not the result of confrontation this season, the best option is to start, brave on the road this season, adding a little color to own this beautiful spring scenery.I think that is what we can do that yesterday, in the micro-channel circle of friends saw a video circulating on the “under the dome” famous reporter Chai Jing, triggering concern and heated debate in the nature of the spring, the major media have also reported that produce haze which can not but arouse our attention, we live on the same earth, breathe the same air, this video Chai Jing is not making a fuss, but her this move, once again led the we all awareness for the protection of the global environment of the far-reaching, we human beings in the pursuit of happiness, under the dome, those who seek material benefits at the end of the day there will be any human happiness, the protection of the Earth’s environment, from our side to start to starting from myself.Forward a fish friends after watching this video saying, Chai Jing, on this road, you’re not a lonely battle.Early spring, everything comes back, restless earth, we are on this road has no choice.    2015.2.28