Bodhi tree species

June, there has been hot.June sky, often shrouded in fog Haze.In the arid north, but also feel it when wet.Hidden deep in the mountains, Moshou a meditation, overlooking a river luxuriantly, physical and mental unity and mountains, all the troubles gone.  This year’s summer, very fortunate, have a few deep exposure to the Castle, lived in the villa in the hills, living in the farm lands, and have some time for some leisurely.  Not the old Castle, a famous Xingtai.For the first time into the mountains, in early April, towering mountain, everywhere sallow, strong creatures are working with the drought fight.The second time was in mid-May.Wu Yuexue landing, many of the fruit has been abortion, especially near walnut crops.The mountains with one of decadence and residual bald, leaving a helpless season.This time into the mountains, the mountains of the true return of the season, the scenery beautiful scenery.You stand in the courtyard of the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain, looking at the mountains, vegetation luxuriantly stacked layers, the green is very deep.Those like the way non-road trails, submerged vegetation luxuriantly, travelers no mountaineering experience, for the mountains, can only be unattainable.  Dawn, villas open window, crisp bird, floral, traction in the wind, and instantly into the room, refreshing.Mountain peaks stacked Luan, flowers, freeze-frame a picture of the United States to the extreme.  There is wind, there is no dew.Just when this is about to dawn dip mountains, while I climb up, while patting nurtured nature scenery.Let those old walnut trees, jujube Zhu Zhu dependent, contiguous forest of chestnut trees, and azaleas, mountain lotus, and those who never met, and who are quietly blooming flowers, one by one into my album.  Dawn from top to bottom, slowly spread to the mountains, gave birth to a mysterious, refreshing beauty of a people.Moment, on a blank heart that has long been engraved on stone “to find scattered in the past,” the words, this clearly is a wake up show: Do not let the mind pale for too long, do not let the pace was too hasty, do not lose the soul in Red.  Stop on the mountainside, the United States found a different kind of plant, stooped to examine, strains short stems, leaves generous, between blade clusters of pink and white petals dotted with, even as a combination of a few, not a few.Gently touch, smooth and thick petals large, light smell, an elegant fragrance Qinru Heart.This fragrance, like in the old days was forgotten that touch of incense.  Tentacle at a flower floating gently in the palm, looking at the rounded petals, heart surprise, is it rude to disturb my flowers?I obviously was so careful, as a pious touch it!  Holding falling petals, suddenly sprout a Zen: This is not accidental, but a fortune, or that my past life with flowers literal journey lover, I met old friend.  It is also clear edge.Today, after 500 years of reincarnation, we met in the mountains, met in bloom, meet turned into a flower, swaying in I go through the trails, which stemmed rounded petals are clearly anxious expectation Past.Then a closer look, that piece of leaf surface dark green, a little white marks, heart surprised, like most of the long-awaited tears.  Photography, little is known, will not selfie.I let the traveler who later took me an instant I met with flowers, memorial forever reserved.They shoot a close-up of flowers, fear turned to blurred flowers beautiful face.  In this dawn dip mountains, this casual encounter, I look forward to the pious, that one can always flowers year after year, uninhibited bloom, that period has been generous to Zen.  At this fate of June, just in the heart Bodhi tree species, and also master as the Buddha, under the Bodhi tree slowly deep understanding.Uphold the touch of piety, to cutting a shallow time, caught in the years of the title page, give ordinary you and me, this really memo left little incense and ink.