Beijing Olympic memory praise disabled athletes (XIX)

Although the Beijing Olympics over the past four years, to date, the exciting scene is still fresh.London Olympics around the corner, before and after the Beijing Olympics and bits and pieces come to mind, excited, pen letter to write, to keep historical memory.    - Inscription Disabled physical exercise, physical rehabilitation and mental health benefit.People with disabilities to participate in Paralympic Games, it is the test of will and perseverance.    I often Sorrow, sympathetic to people with disabilities, those waist, disability heroes such as Paul made outstanding contributions, Wu Yun Duo, Zhang Di Zepei serving five-body cast, I learned they are a shining example.    Disabled mutilation, mental retardation, visual obstruction, life is difficult to take care of themselves yet, where it can participate in sports, so I’m not interested in the Games for the Disabled, and occasionally watch sports on TV with disabilities, in addition to admire their strong-willed outside, the rest is worried, could not bear to watch.    When I saw on television disabled athletes preparing for the Paralympic scene, they all perspiring, serious training, they shouted: “I participate, I contribute, I’m happy,” this time, I gradually changed to Paralympic view.Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are equally attractive, but also were more impressed with shock.    Disabled athletes are all heroes, all of them worthy of praise.2004 Athens Olympic Games, He Jun right on the podium, wearing garlands, flowers neck clip, mouth of gold, smiling, gazing at the flag rising, like a statue of a pure and noble heroes, people actually forget that he is a disabled person who lost both arms.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games, the torch Jin Jing girl sitting in a wheelchair, his face showing a smile, she like where disabled athletes, is clearly a beautiful angel.There are handsome Hou Bin, his powerful hands with a last look tight La Shengsuo, Torch wheelchair and slowly rose to 39 meters, the main torch he lit flaming torch suddenly lit up the night sky nest.Who would have thought that a disabled athlete Hou Bin, he can not think of a more independent one leg, leaped across the rails 1 m 92.    Basketball is a popular sport, 6 of last century, the 1970s film “Women’s Basketball V” swept the country, China’s Beijing Olympic Games women’s basketball male people much concern.Today saw the Chinese Paralympic Games “wheelchair basketball” team game, gives me a surprise and shock.China’s wheelchair basketball started late, but all the athletes lively, expertly driven wheelchair, supple body, dribbling the ball with ease, shooting extremely exciting and accurate.Should the players slipped and fell in the race, will be both man and chairs were overturned, the presence of watch fans are worried, anxious for the athletes, even Nie Bahan.But they do not help people, driven by their own body around a turn, rise up, and put into basketball battle.Wheelchair basketball player for honor, fight for the dignity of people admire the perseverance, their superb playing balls is impressive.    I first watched the disabled table tennis competition, the Chinese teenager Chen Chao Germany Arnold Tournament.They walk around quivering, shaking the mind, holding a racket is very difficult, but two people playing table tennis was to majestic, murderous.They beat smash steady, accurate, relentless, varied topspin backspin, sometimes lobs sometimes far attack, shuttle silver ball like a meteor, dazzling, making it difficult to see that they are athletes with disabilities.    Croquet, billiards commonplace, country boy throwing sandbags, playing the glass ball is pretty common, except boccia rare, and onto the Olympic stadium feel more fresh.According to insider reports, some patients with severe cerebral palsy life can not take care of themselves, they rely on to play boccia gradually recovered.There are two athletes with cerebral palsy, woman is the Chinese people, the men are foreigners, they are concentrating on hard ground ball game.They were sitting in a wheelchair, the hand can not grip the ball, the ball is placed on the coaches on a special catheter, female athletes with the index finger and gently struck the accuracy of the red ball rolled into the inner circles, hit the white ball; male athletes head wear metal headband, he clicks on the bar with a headband basketball, basketball slowly rolled in the community.Tempo slow and difficult, they are very committed, serious, white target ball inside the boundary of careful observation, and then determine the direction of pitching and force.They each put in a brilliant ball, that ball away from the nearest target, will win applause.Whether they win or lose, only care about participation, they challenge themselves and optimism do not yield to the will of fate admirable.    Disabled athletes waist down, their spirit of self admirable, impressive.Any setbacks and the disabled-bodied people we encounter in life is not more difficult than simply watch the Paralympic Games but also enhance the courage and confidence to overcome our difficulties.We should not only disabled, but also to honestly learn from disabled athletes, build our beautiful homeland.