Autumn quietly savor, drunk alone westerly thin

Southland autumn.More US.I just have time to enjoy, southern wind slightly cool earth, so I indulge, I walked in a corner of southern Guangdong, southern quietly appreciate the intoxicating autumn.The cool westerly winds in the TV drama thick taste the flavor of autumn Inscription even pick up mood, stroll in the city board of oil on the road, Youran own exclusive watch this space.    Stop-go under that piece of green.At the moment though it is late autumn.Just feel the cool weather.Dressed in thin clothing and northern autumn in stark contrast.At this time, the North is already everywhere Depression.Yela grass withered.Here it may still be patches of green.Plants that bloom, without the slightest decline.    Walk in the Pearl River shore, a quiet river level complex of that restless state of mind, a safe and tranquil replaced Ripples and anxiety that heart.The river flows quietly, occasionally thrown up a circle of ripples.Waves in this flashy earthly.Stroking a curtain westerly in this vast space.Ears long hair floated gently.I felt a fresh.So comfortable.    Watching the TV drama green trees.famous.unknown.TV drama green vigor has decorated Mother River in southern Guangdong.The heart has a little sigh.Really beautiful, Kapok open early, spring April day.This is true gentleman.Still green to autumn.That starched kapok.Or the occasional tall and straight green leaves foil.Not that kind of Jingyi.    Less Indus Yela.Vigil No Depression.Mosaic offer all kinds of language.Around pull cool autumn.Although rare sycamore leaves.He can still flourish.Brand-Green.Praise really good strong tree vitality.Since ancient times, giving the association a lot.May ponder the reason people suddenly see the light.    Maybe we are all that it is a piece of leaf?.Strong vitality and trees can continue to rely on connected.The weak will be eliminated forgotten.He looked a stretch of flowers.Phase contrast as full of red and green.The impact of color on mood and instantly cheerful.    Leaves short life good.And trees reunion time but helpless separation.Not their own world and freedom.As for those who have friends are not around the.Have a go at each.Each with its own detention.decay.Alone wither.Enron alone in the corner of the sleeping.He was buried in the soil.After all, they can not control their own fate.Distance may start and end points are to be calm and brave to interpret.    Whose slender branches, although there are so many new green.Can the cool westerly winds but no ambiguity in shook kapok.Or also Indus.Not too much mercy.Because clearly this season implied meaning.    The river is still.Flowing golden.Autumn is can not stay in its footsteps.This autumn will reside long green.I quietly enjoy.    Pairs of lovers snuggle River.It runs children.He was still holding huge kite, fun run.Then there catching phase mix of an old married couple.At the moment – really chic autumn.    A curtain westerly from.Whiz.Also gentle.Blowing ripples of the river.Disrupted water green duckweed.Instant no shadow.Maybe it will offer thanks winds.To a new beginning.Maybe it will be sad.The relentless wind.Not once gathered together.Perhaps an instant forget that once attached together and good team.But it was only once.We do not have a spring bud.There will ever do?    It does not begin and not once had.As helpless as duckweed and leaves.Just a different environment in which.    Overlooking the city that criss-cross the overpass.It can be worn over the sea river.But why have so many of the track between the earth after all, can not be staggered.Beautiful southern.How many Hope.How many colors do not show.I do not know.No way of knowing.    Contains poetic autumn.I only solution in the Pearl River.Enjoy the unique eyes of Autumn.Autumn given to human beings and gold colors.Autumn gives life and time of harvest.Autumn in the eyes of the world are passionate, beautiful but also sad.I like autumn.I love fall.That prefer cooler westerly.At this point I did not stop the pace.Since autumn thicker.There’s still more waiting for me to enjoy the scenery, let me record my eyes southern autumn with ink.Or shallow autumn.Or a deep sense of rhyme.    I would like to make thicker autumn, autumn tighter, because we all want a new season of waiting for their.Perhaps mixed feelings.Gains and losses.Do not worry about how in the past.Let me go this autumn wind haze.Some in the cold.I understand the original southern autumn and northern no different.    I would like to get drunk alone in this mysterious country.Experience that moment of peace.Savor the charm of autumn.Cool wind.The mood exile.The recall stranded in deep autumn.