Acacia, swaying to the song

Meng Meng rain repeating monotonous melody, uniform flapping banner Xuan window, and I heard the sound of knocking on my mind.A touch of melancholy moment filled the slight trembling of the lips, eyes distant deep condensate are struggling through the rain queen of light from the rising moon hole, trying to find a scan of your face.Acacia cantabile love, lost and that the ups and downs of phonological.As far tired of silence to ask the date, red flowers scattered sorrow.The cycle of seasons, changes in replacement of years the stars, alone lean on a railing at low pressure marks Dai Meishan pondered the evening drizzly rain.    Suddenly shortened life journey, to pull back gorgeous, or give up your eyes suddenly clear infatuation.Acacia clouds can not cover the boundless sky, romance poem rugged vicissitudes can not hide the golden years.Shannon is a pool of ink do you grind, fragrant willow outside late autumn trail.I look back to have you decorated the Red, deep-seated Acacia whirlwind rushed over, chop severely hurt I was sickly melancholy, irrepressible body back half a step, I saw you heartache in the cloud.    You said I was your one and only, you said I was your life, carnal connection with a monopoly of the mountain river, looking lost that round head bright.Fingertip years carrying happy tenderness far, I released endless sleepless Acacia in clear dream.You gently floated, carrying a beautiful touch of subtle fragrance, filled that crescent moon is Acacia cripple.Hustle and bustle of the Red, bustling mood, Resentment pavilions, assembled into a three-dimensional mural punch has caused in our eyes dangling, halted suddenly thrust freeze.    Acacia nowhere to hide in between the lines soaring, roaring in place to vent melancholy poetry flat Zeze.Lonely waving folding fan, setting off a ground glass broken shadow, mottled glory of love.Sad completely defeated the central nervous system, the brain is filled with emotional disorders, it has spread in my heart.Is not every encounter is the next reincarnation?Is not every night thoughts that linger in the misty moonlight?Perhaps ranging from reincarnation, I’ve turned into a butterfly and whisper Butterfly.Perhaps ranging misty, I have scattered into Acacia rain in the wind.    Lengthy seasons, waiting for the share of infatuation and love will never fade away, waiting for you open the door handle condensate you deep eye.Acacia magnificent heart of the sea, the water dropped into the bamboo, swaying rendered into a song.Clipping broken erase the sad hair, kiss dew on the tip of the nose.Gone clouds in the youth, there you are stuck in my hole in the clear light from the rising moon silhouette, but also helpless tangle your breath.Amidst the fiber indifferent street, circled me very sad souls furrowed eyebrows.My dedication to my sincerity of my love, all the way to search for you, gentle enough to spend over the branches of the spring.    From rubbing together and miss fermentation, causing bitter Shuijiu two cups, hot burning of each other’s heart.Miss the beautiful season, sad glistening dream quilt pillow.Tempting to indulge in plain ink pen, heart readily move for you, tears of thousands of lines.Looking back inadvertently turned gorgeous, Luoshan has covered the Southwest tenderness.Acacia Dai Mei shallow painting, drawing Lotus mind.Melancholy dripping inked romantic, graceful dance interlocking fingers past the spinner to the fiber street arena as before love.Happy Together leaning plum hold intoxicated, I flow with no end in a tie Acacia.