Nostalgia according to

Rain is ticking, the window of tree leaves gently, with joy, accompany and nourish my sleep the night.    — Inscription Rain rapping at the window from time to time vehicles across the sound, but this did not affect the raindrops jump my ears, knowing the rest, eyes closed to greet the coming of a new day, they still hard to get up, holding the blanket Man aimless turn on the computer, but also a sleepless night.    Rain is whether the sound will be led his cross, pierce the limitations of time and space, where they want to go.    Especially blue sky after the rain, one with braided tails and the little girl was obsessed with my heart remember my grandmother described the road home, looking at those intimate and familiar trees and flowers, humming a ditty began jumping up, good woods great big, bamboo each have a fairly high level, you can not see the sky, only to leaf through the seam between the spill reaches out to the forest sunlight.He walked on, a strange uncle “turned flying”, said to be holding a candy to give her to eat, she was always remember the words of adults, to him shaking his head, his amiable face actually changed in an instant it was brutal, no one around, only vaguely see the mountain there is a hut, she had an idea, while shouting down the side of her grandmother hut “red” down….Seven-year-old girl, black and blue fall down in a backyard uncle, uncle heart good side quickly recruited side of the village doctor asked people to contact her family.Without parents to accompany their children around, the grandparents have housework to do farm work, no time to take care of themselves every day to run around in the field grandmother has said to her: children, you have to learn to take care of yourself, like this, like the grass field, with super vitality, do not rely on someone else time..    Oily tender green grass, when the little girl only knew the grass along with the birds singing in the green fields, the mountains in the open dancing beautiful beautiful.Little girl little finger cocked day secretly counting the days of the New Year, the Chinese New Year migrant parents in relation to home.Mountain breeze fluttering, her grandmother at home in front of trees and melted together, at the foot of a large cement Yuen has been paved road leading to the city, my grandmother was gone, the little girl grew up.    At the same time between friends took up half asleep cigarette, lighted, throw away the matchstick, hand inadvertently touched on the table a few days ago her boyfriend gave her red roses, I bow look, the flowers have to thank the shadow had to go without a trace, did not feel fragrant leaves, cigarette butts friend exterminate spit out a word asleep: “boring, wisdom does not fly, only you the most reliable.”.    My eyes wander from her to the keyboard, his thoughts completely she “killed”, and what will happen to grow up little girl?Leaving the grandmother returned to their parents, so they were spoiled with parents, mother always said to her: poor support his son, daughter eutrophication, no matter how poor they have to let you wear nice clothes, eat well, a good school. “.Spoiled girl’s parents have been lucky enough to get students and teachers of the pet, so life is a colorful painting, the beautiful.Until one day graduate, a man crowded bus to and from work, a man rushed into the store to grab discounted merchandise, a crowded vegetable market in dirty and messy hawkers bargain., And gradually, she found life unsatisfactory things will be like as a storm swept in, did not prepare a man alone bear the smile, there is always a kind of “Old Men” of fear.So in a quiet rainy night she suddenly remembered they had experienced childhood adventure story, the grandmother remembered honest to what I said..    According to the friend said: “The girls have graduated quickly find a home, do not suffer innocent girl female talent” is always felt these words before.Can spend years there, speechless how much truth?How many unable to wait?How many silent waiting?Horseshoe da da rang, eager to dress up to celebrate, after all, but that is not owned by people, where people go, that only their own.Everything is still there, everything is so beautiful, just walk on polished gravel road, we learn to love yourself, love yourself only can we find a real sense of life rely on, the real sense of belonging, a real sense of security.As Han Fei says: “not as good as people rely count on it.”.    Midnight dream language, according to meditate.I hope the “I” Gu “I” love “my” body temperature in order to pass the love of the people you love and need love, do like the grass a woman, even if wind and rain blowing, I can still proud of the strong standing, thriving with.