Autumn Thoughts

A cold autumn rain.Before and after the beginning of winter, returning to the two autumn while washing the sky, but also people feel the slightest chill, autumn Chuan Lin too slowly, leaving a desolate way, to the late autumn.Wandered in the wilderness in autumn, autumn glad to hear the rhythm, feel the fall is a color-changing process, when the foot of the mountain was a green, the mountains have been mountainside Man Shan popular, storied make dye, red maple forest embellishment rooms, like a cloud of burning fireball, the warm autumn dress.And as autumn song.And Zhiqiu leaf falling, stepping rustle of leaves, walking in the depths of the forest, follow the Maple Leaf that a Hong Yun, stop the breakdown of Maple Maple Leaf veins texture, feel the wider world presents a different kind of tranquil and serene, surrounded by suddenly from the lingering deep sense of autumn.Autumn is the harvest season, holding the hands of the fall of the golden fruits of joy and heavy sink.Look, that golden lantern like the persimmon-five branches covered; rosy sweet dates in the branches opened his smiling face; a string of crystal grape swings on the shelf; shiny red golden corn farmers smile.Autumn, the season of colorful casual and hope to show uphold.Autumn is the most poetic of Painting, autumn rain started falling, splendidly Sasa, autumn with a kind of spirituality, but also with a mature charm, such as fog also smoke, silent on autumn leaves drift in each piece, turn misty rain falling on every inch of land, autumn, since the mixing of youth dressed in autumn.”Parking Maple love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February.”Autumn charming, intoxicating autumn, autumn is the season thinking, autumn is a season of looking, walking to the fall memory, a note of Autumn, autumn fills read, and write a love song intentions autumn.