Japanese companies won orders for 5.8 billion yuan Thailand suburban railway

Japanese Economic News (Chinese version: Nikkei Chinese network) July 2 was informed, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi reach three companies will jointly obtain the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand's urban rail projects Order。The total order will be more than 32 billion baht (5.8 billion yuan), the major Japanese companies provide signaling system and cabin。This is the biggest order of Japanese companies jointly acquired in Asia railway project。  Thai Transport Minister Bazin July 2 to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun: revealed the news (Chinese edition Nikkei Chinese network)。Obtain orders railway project called "red line", is divided into two, extending from the west to the north of Bangkok, respectively, totaling 13 points, with a total length of about 40 km。We have now commenced, and strive April 2019 opening run。  The project owner Thailand National Railway Company Board of Directors will be held July 7, it is expected to be determined by the three companies in order to obtain a joint meeting。After the adoption on the board of directors, will be formally signed a contract。Japan and Thailand reached an agreement before the two countries to negotiate Starting in 2014, the Japanese held on the 4th Mekong basin countries summit in Tokyo。  Sumitomo Corporation is responsible for the overall operation of the project, is responsible for providing carriage Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is responsible for providing the signal system and substation equipment。Festival is expected to provide about 130 carriages。  The Japanese government will provide yen loan for the construction of the railway from the north in Bangkok。  Japanese Economic News (Chinese version: Nikkei Chinese network) Beijing mound ring Bangkok reported (Source: Nikkei Chinese network)