Flower and Fruit Rain Love

“ I have seen many parts of the rain in the world, is the favorite flower and fruit mountain rain”The last sub-Xin force of this sentence written on the notes in bed.Time back a year ago, sub-Yan then still Lianyungang Teachers College reading, she was a quiet, humble girl。She usually leisure time also like the Internet, in the network world, although there are impetuous side, but can always find someone who can really speak, by the way, if to find a humorous listen to you people is good that she is a skinny white girl , grew very weak, people need to take care of her admitted to the Lianyungang Teachers Arts later, thought that living accommodation could not get up, but fortunately, there is a large group of students, a large group roommate, she was living in everyone's care was very happy。It was sophomore year she fall in love like a school boy Nanjing @ Ye Taihei the boys to her very good, birthday, also sent a gift。Usually chat, there is always tease her that he heard that she was Lianyungang people, and said he wanted to look at the Flower and Fruit Mountain,“I was a monkey,”Yan told his son to typing“No, you're funny than monkeys sent”Ye Taihei Lianyungang Teachers College decided to see sub-Xin。They met when repeated practice the way。The weather was good, it was a spring at the end of the day, Ye Taihei came to Lianyungang。Ye Taihei wearing a jacket, walking in the city of Lianyungang, the city is not too busy, but it kinda spirit。Although the street sometimes occasionally untidy, but the faces of the people all have a happy color。Like a person will like her city, Ye Taihei eyes Lianyungang also has this element of it。That day they met, at the foot of a mountain campus。Xin child really is the same online photo look, in vain thin Wenwen quietly。Yan son also saw Ye Taihei, not black, very handsome, will reveal white teeth smile on his face and a dimple。Xin Ye Taihei wanted to please the child to eat, then they are in the store cake pan pot cooking dinner, Ye Taihei said that in any case, be sure to look at the sea in Lianyungang, look Huaguoshan。“Yep,”Yan happy child promised him,“I will show you the way to grasp the whole village cadres”“Haha”| That spring a little rainy, just sunny weather, the haze will be down, but also from the rain drops。That morning, Ye Taihei from his hotel, the Teachers come to school, where the child so long ago Yan。They went for a ride car travel, go out into the Flower and Fruit rush。That day is not a holiday, not many people go to fruit and flowers, the car in front of a platform Huaguoshan stopped。Sub-Xin Ye Taihei happy and out of the car, walked to the gate, a big door, not mountains, to see the Piedmont building there are so ancient taste point, pavilions, vivid。Ye Taihei finally calm down, and finally see the legendary Huaguoshan。They bought tickets embarked on a hill, the weather is getting dark down, until they reached the mountainside position, the drops also began to rain。Ye Taihei thought, how this can do, rainy weather did not think this out, do you want to go back and buy an umbrella?Yan child see his puzzled look and said“Tsuburi”He pulled out a white umbrella from her backpack,”Haha。It really is a magic bag princess“Things will change。She softened umbrella, just two people huddled under umbrellas, walking together on the road of fruit and flowers that spring rain, wet plants and flowers of the mountain, the mountain becomes dark stone up。I went to the middle section of the foot of the mountain to see the beautiful building, a deep ravine that everything is as fresh as a distant piano playing。”In this way the United States under the rain Huaguoshan good ah“”Yes ah, you like it United States‘Xin Ye Taihei child looked like trance。They quietly watching Huaguoshan rain, far from the reality of building a taste, near green plants and flowers。Two of them are like two Shenxianjuanlv, the world will always have a moment, let people love, know that God arranged each other is Shenxianjuanlv。They also handle grip up。Later in the day, but also to accompany the child Yan Ye Taihei went to the beach party at sea, beach,“Lianyungang this place is really very beautiful,”Ye Taihei said,“Yes ah, I have been living in this city, but did not feel, thank you for letting me feel that I, as a person's happiness Lianyungang”“Haha you're welcome”。Ye Taihei turn finished Lianyungang on the back, Yan son also went to the bus station parting him, that early summer when the child began to well up Yan's body, always nosebleeds, sub-Yan went to the hospital checked, leukemia。Yan child's world caved in, air pollution is the cause of those who are not chemical plant in Lianyungang of it?Who knows?Anyway, there was a variety of human cancers Lianyungang lot of people, and always for no reason on the disease。Yan child family conditions is really very general, paid for hospital treatment, bone marrow match from the high-tech care would be poor farther。“Perhaps that is all that I bear,”Son Kinya gradually mentality cheer up, she will be written in the diary every day his diary, record your own life, she did not tell these things Ye Taihei, always will tell Ye Taihei,“If one day I'll be gone, maybe God is calling me, Exalted be happy to live in the world, is not it?”“Do not be silly, silly girl, how can the world so much, unfortunately, do not think”“Do you remember the Flower and Fruit of rain it?You have no umbrella, it was the most beautiful I've seen rain”That fall, sub-Yan finished in the diary diary last few days, it's gone quiet, she put her ailing those in the past have also told Ye Taihei,“I'm gone, maybe the world, there are so many unfortunate, but you have to live a happy, good-bye, night falls are beautiful。”