Finnish Parliament from next year the euro zone

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, Wall Street Beijing nightlife net 17 hearing, according to the British "Telegraph" website reported that the Finnish parliament, a senior official disclosed Monday, the country's parliament will debate next year, research from the euro zone's problems。While, say goodbye to the possibility of the euro zone, Finland is not great, but at least, the Finns their dissatisfaction with the domestic economic situation, as well as dissatisfaction with the single currency area have been fully reflected。  Earlier, a referendum petition to collect the required 50,000 signatures, Parliament was forced to launch a debate program according to the law – like this turn of events, it should first met in the nineteen-nation euro zone in。  This is called Paavola (Maija – Leena Paavola's) official description: "The next year, will be the first signature verification, the next several months, parliament will debate。"Petition is not over, we continue to collect signatures until the middle of January next year。Events unfold sponsors requested a referendum on membership of the euro zone, but in accordance with the procedure, it is possible to achieve a referendum only in the case of parliamentary support。  Despite such a thing happened in Finland, but the Eurobarometer survey this month found that 64% of Finns still support the single currency, compared to just 69% last year have been slashed。  The key problem is that this Scandinavian country has been suffering for three consecutive years of economic contraction, the current performance is worse than any country in the euro zone。  Official data released this week showed that among the Finnish economy contracted in the third quarter 0.6%。Eurozone third-quarter gross domestic product growth – Finland successive years of recession, but also gives rise to a number of Finns believe that if they leave the euro, reissued FIM gain control over their own interest rates, the national economy will be better they also do not take the neighbors in the euro area to do the example of Sweden。They said that as long as the mark relative to the euro, Finland's exports will be promoted。  The initiator of the event is the European Parliament of Finland V?yrynen (V?yrynen), he said: "Since 2008, the Swedish economy grew by 8 percent, and we have shrunk by 6%。"V?yrynen is currently one of the senior members of the ruling United Center Party, in order to oppose a larger process of European integration is known, he stressed:" Now is the time to expand more extensive discussion, we determined whether it should also remain in the euro zone。"The initiator of the petition Wei center-right government V?yrynen Now struggling, they have to ensure that the public finances, on the one hand but also under pressure to cut union workers holidays and other benefits to first currency" internal devaluation " improve export competitiveness。  Prior to mid-1992, Finland in order to enhance export competitiveness, there have been many devaluation Mark record。  At present, the official position of the Government of Finland is still the euro area member states abide identity。  Coalition government's policy agenda clear: "Finland as an economic and monetary union, is committed to enhance stability in the euro area。"But some economists support the idea of 'off Europe' of。  Finland is a European think tank holding the euro critical stance of the organization, their recent study estimates that the return of free-floating about FIM Finland will pay a one-time 20 billion euros, but they stressed that the long-term perspective He says this is cost-effective。  "Out it is not easy, but we must from how to promote GDP growth of highly focused。"Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki, think-tank Cannae peace (Huesa Garnier tender) says。(Zijin)