China media: Monterey Park United States generates a lot of Chinese political star

  One BEIJING, Sept. 19, according to news report, Monterey Park United States not only Chinese residents of high-density, high-density Chinese businessmen, is the largest concentration of Chinese political star。   Currently Chinese city councilman Monterey Park City Council has four, they are (from right) Mr Chan new, Qiao Liang Han, Linda Jian, and Wuxue Ru (third from left)。
(Figure: The United States "newspaper" / reporter Qiu Chenshe) According to the information provided by the official website of Monterey Park, the city's total population of 60269 people, of which% is Asian, while the vast majority of Chinese population in the city's Asian population。
The city median house prices of $ 533,083, the median household income of $ 57419; within the city high school students graduation rate%。   Until the 1960s, the city is still called a Mongolian quiet "bedroom community" in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles (BedroomCommunity)。
Since the 1970s, there is a growing immigration from China and settled in Monterey Park, after strongly advocated by the Chinese real estate developers, said the city of Mongolia as "Chinese Beverly Hills" to attract more immigrants settle in Hong Kong and Taiwan and Mongolia city。
Because a significant number of Taiwanese immigrants moved to Monterey Park, the city will have the title of "little Taipei" in。   In the 1980s, when Chen Li Wan from Taiwan (LilyLeeChen), was elected as the first Chinese member Monterey Park City, then he was elected mayor of the city, namely the nation's first Chinese woman mayor。
  The incumbent Congressman Zhao Maxim, also from Monterey Park began her political career。
Zhao Maxim before the election to the House of Representatives, served as members Monterey Park, Monterey Park Mayor, Members of Parliament, California。   At present, five aldermen Monterey Park, there are four ethnic Chinese, for Monterey Park City Council is considered, the ratio is the highest elected official of the Asian nation's cities。
Editor: Guan Hao。