How fast the baby fever fever baby fever remedies

How fast the baby fever fever baby fever, parents are very uncomfortable thing, a lot of people do not like to treat the baby, then the baby fever fever with how fast and small series to see how fast the baby fever fever introduce it!How fast the baby fever fever 1, to maintain the flow of air in the home if the home has air conditioning, to maintain room temperature at 25?Between 27 ℃。
Children can be placed in air-conditioned room or fan revolving the blow, the temperature slowly dropped, so children will feel more comfortable。 But if it is too hard and cold extremities chills, then expressed the need for warm, so additional blanket coverage。 2, if the baby off excess clothing and limbs and body sweating hands and feet warm, indicates the need for cooling, the laundry may want, point。 3, the warm water bath your baby wipe laundry untangling with warm water (37 ℃) towel rub the entire body, such that the total baby vasodilatation, the body heat radiated, additional water evaporates from the surface will absorb Body heat。 4, ice pillow to sleep with the baby fever cooling paste fever how quickly help dissipate heat, but not recommended for small children, because child care is not easy to turn the body, ice pillow easily lead to partial or cold-induced hypothermia。 You can also use cooling paste, heat can be taken away when cooling paste colloidal substances in the water vaporization, the situation does not appear excessive cooling。 5, drink plenty of water to help sweat, and prevent dehydration。
Water temperature adjustment function, body temperature can drop and add baby body water loss。 Conclusion: The above is small series to introduce the contents of 6681, and we want to help introduce you want to know more, please continue to focus on 6681 health network Oh!。