Embrace one minute every day

Revelation hug every one minute hug one minute every day, not my invention, but I got from a magazine Life。    Perhaps middle-aged sake, my husband and I work, have been particularly hectic life。There are old, sick old man, in need of care; under a small, small is still small, basic necessities, school counseling had to worry about。Work in the unit, on the experience on the experience can be considered the backbone, something many and complex, the key is not everything good in all likelihood not an easy one, not Pepsi-ridden smoothly, it will inevitably upset, Qiqiaoshengyan。The couple returned home to continue to blame each other, I take care of him too ill to him, I blame him for my love too little, life is finally in sight naturally become commonplace。    Just then, I saw the "hold me a minute every day," the article: that is the couple, because the child, because life is hectic, often forget to share feelings, life lurks a crisis, felt first wife, One day, his wife solemnly demands on her husband:“I hold one minute every day。”Husband wife looked at, smiled and said:“is it necessary?”His wife said:“I make this request, it is necessary to indicate。You sent this question, it shows all the more necessary。”Husband said:“Love in their hearts, why expression。”His wife said:“If you did not express, we can not get married。”To this end, also Naoqi awkward, to remain silent and her husband reluctantly embrace his wife。Husband banter wife is a vain fellow, his wife said, every woman will love vanity。Since then, the embrace between husband and wife became compulsory day of class until later, his wife go out to study, take the initiative to embrace her husband into a daily greeting telephone and continual。Although the article did not write, but I can still feel between the lines, there is her husband's greetings, wife impoverished school life will be very sweet。    I watched, could not stop tearful, think small, my husband and I need each other and it is these do not?We just want to put this feeling into a daily complain to each other。Busy bothering much more than the need for mutual love and understanding it?With this intention, I immediately decided to learn the wife, but also to discuss a hug to her husband!    There are many things in life, it is easily said, hard to start。Although my husband and I had children from free love to marriage, during which has been 20 years, it has also been eachother too, has also been very much in love。But after all, we are no longer young, no longer seventeen or eighteen or twenty – seven, but thirty seven, not to mention opening, think about all red in the face。    How to do?How to do?I have been excited to haunt it。    There are evening after dinner, as usual, holding husband and newspaper ready to read with relish。At this time, I suddenly magazine article printed in the press that he was looking at the newspaper,“Recommend an article to you!”I blushed look, a kind of hypocritical, husband reluctantly took it。Which I have the nerve to stand next to his body, he hurried blushing shame to hide in the kitchen, washing dishes to pretend to go。    He stopped about ten minutes, blushing husband into the kitchen。    I laughed and said:“How well written article?”    Husband answered without saying:“Are you missing?!”    I said:“Lack no shortage of is how I feel, do not give your freedom。”    After her husband did not react, I immediately said:“How, not willing to give?”    Husband's face more red,“You need to give it!”Like a helpless。    “Then it from tomorrow!”I have relaxed of relief。    “Why do have to wait for tomorrow?Start now!”Said her husband's hand came from behind me and surround。    Although Taekwondo not to, in fact, never had a warmth in my heart waves。    After embracing the next day, still or because of some chores, I began to towering rage, anger turned into a dolphin whining smoke, the family began to smoke, war imminent。Then her husband smiled and stretched out his arms to me:“Hug, hug!”Without any explanation took me hold up a minute, two minutes……    "Hold me a minute a day" at the end of said much good,“If, as accustomed as a daily habit of love lost and go day by day for love, then love we put the palm and chest would not have cold。”    Indeed, as a result, because of living in our daily red tape, we are most likely to slack off is love, is also the most neglected business or love, always feel that has been buried in the soil of love, respect is an ivy, a years will not wither。In fact, whether it's love, and more long-term, is a very delicate flower, she needs us to constantly water them, to care。To wind it, give it water, light and air to it, the only way to love flowers normally open normally fresh fruit was sweet to love the knot。    Not just us, offer themselves for all the world lovers, not only have to learn to love, to be more attentive care, patience for love, only this way, love will not age with time。