Week: Eastern Conference first boss ultra-efficient power forward shoulder to shoulder Paul

  Beijing time on March 6, according to the NBA's official website reported, NBA officials announced the last week of the NBA Eastern Conference Player, Raptors DeMar – DeRozan and Pelican's Carmelo Anthony – Davis were elected。   Last week, DeRozan in four games averaged a team-high points and added three rebounds and assists。 His shooting percentage and free throw percentage was% and% respectively。   This four games, DeRozan scored a team-high or are tied for the highest, while the Raptors also the only team to win the Eastern Conference last week four games of the team, and for the fifth consecutive season, winning over half。   This is the season DeRozan 4th week to get the best, but also the ninth of his career。
  Davis made last week led the Pelicans 3-0, he averaged 34 points (the league), plus rebounds (third in the league) and blocked shots (third in the league), shooting percentage and free throw percentage in% and% respectively。
  In addition, last week, Davis is the only one league averaging at least 30 points and 10 rebounds player, and he twice led the Pelicans complete reversal (of the sun and the Spurs)。 February 27, pelicans victory over the Suns, Davis had a season-high 53 points and became the first single-game NBA history to get at least 53 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots player。
  This is the second time this season, Davis became the week, is the fourth of his career, he became the following on Chris Pelican team history – after Paul (2008-09 season) the first single-season times get the best player of the week。