Eat only a little on the network

That was around 2001, going to the New Year, a holiday home I was in college, I suddenly had a sense of play, I feel like the world is good fresh, after all, people have to a certain age, I was filled with the start see beauty and wanted to then the most important thing is the rise of the network。  At that time the street had a fire a song called "Mice Love Rice", and everywhere in the streets of sound are put in this song。  There is a network novel called "first intimate contact" also fire on the network, the novel about the plot is about a man named Cai riffraff riffraff and literary talent network called friends eat only a little of the story。  Ruffian Tsai wrote so many online comments, stories, novels, fire should not have to see very few people, only one person called him back to eat only a little of the message  “Your words very special, kind of different feeling, no matter what you write down the”  Ruffian Tsai moved up and continue to write up their own words, and her conversation, and gradually liked this girl online, then this girl has a terminal illness, departed, the novel was later made into a movie, Jordan Chan starring, story, until the sky Fei Xu spring, ruffian Tsai wearing that jacket, walking in the street, spring breeze person's face, that's fine, bloom season, he finally saw who called the Whirling Dancer he likes girls text, she really is very long pure beauty, and feel on the network, they sat in the cafe in, say with all sorts of stories of the network, it is his first time meeting her also the penultimate。  The story looked so beautiful, so miserable, that spring is too short, I'm feeling it original network had been so pure。  I think no matter how the times change, beautiful simple man destined simple beauty, this has a relationship with the human heart, with other life background, status, nothing to do, if a person wants to become degenerate ugly bear, ten thousand reasons, but a beautiful and kind man destined beautiful and kind heart, you will see that it simply Nvwang?  She called Whirling Dancer, like dancing in the rain perfume, beautiful, pure, you will warm to the network for a simple feelings like it?  When they come to the end of the winter, spring comes again, at the end there are a lot of people back home, you will see that your friends do?She was wearing a down jacket, dyed red hair do?  Matt is a kill it?There will be those beautiful story yet simple network?  Just met you on the network,“I think your voice has a very special feeling。“The network can also be very warm, is not it?