The symptoms of kidney qi deficiency, it has a "terrible" (1)

  As shown, a physical problems occur: The patient will Yaoxisuanruan weakness, frequent urination clear long, or not the urine and nocturia, enuresis。
And it is nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, female vaginal discharge thin volume is more than menstrual dripping or fetal irritability, skidding。
  2, physical symptoms: patients with refractory symptoms of chronic illness there, but also often accompanied by cough, respiratory more smoke less, and short breathing time。If the patient usually begins to breathe and move began looking pale, lassitude。Tongue also will be pale, weak pulse or Shen weak。  3, emotional aspects of performance: patients will often have a bad mood, and the mood is difficult to self-control, such as irritability, easy to get angry, anxious worry, dizziness, depression, appetite, etc.。
While the performance in terms of the will is more serious, and usually lack of confidence, lack of confidence, life without passion, no enthusiasm for work, there is no struggle goals and direction。  4, sexual function performance: patients with male and female sexual function will be reduced, while men decreased libido, impotence and it will appear or sexual organs move without kin, nocturnal emission, Hua Jing, premature ejaculation, microscopy can see a reduction in sperm motility or sperm reduce, it will seriously affect fertility。
The woman's uterus will be stunted, such as immature uterus, irregular menstruation, premature ovarian failure, and even amenorrhea。  For those who diet diet Taboo, Taboo should take into account the principle of virtual internal organs。Where the Qi of the people, should eat with qi effect, the level of sweet or sweet warm food, should eat nutritious, easily digestible food level up。Jichi broken gas gas consumption was cool Jichi cold, greasy Atsumi, spicy food。  1, nature, sweet, can Buzhongyiqi。Back in the "do not record" that is the main Qi records, medical food Tang Meng Shen Yiyun: temperature in Qi。
Qing Wang Meng also rice porridge reputation as the poor man's ginseng soup, he said: poor people suffering from deficiency syndrome, to thick rice soup on behalf of Ginseng。
Who should eat it。  2, beef nature, sweet, beneficial blood, fill the stomach, the role of strong bones and muscles。Doctors "Do not recorded," said: beef Zhongyi gas, raising the stomach。
"Han Tong Medicine" said: beef, qi, Astragalus cotton with the same power。
Beef qi shows the power, it is advised to eat it。
  3, dog warm, salty taste, to deficiency of the spleen or lung deficiency or yang or both advised。"Japan Hanako Materia Medica" Cloud: dog supplement Wei Qi, impotence, warm lassitude, tonic labor, Qi Li。"Doctor Lin compile to" also said, dog lungs gas, solid kidney。Especially in autumn and winter food is better。
  8, yam qi food, where the physical or chronic illness Qi, should eat it, the most beneficial。
Yam may lungs gas, fill temper, kidney gas, so any virtual or kidney or lung qi Spleen Deficiency in herbs are used to it。
  In addition, they were also advised to eat rice, millet, corn, barley, sweet potato, pumpkin, white beans, soybeans, beef tripe, fowl, goose, rabbit, quail, herring, squid, octopus, cooked turbot, Sea Pines child, carrots, tofu, soy milk, potato, champignon, mushroom, mushroom, royal jelly, brown sugar, white fungus, Atractylodes, licorice。
How conditioning Qi 1, living advocate conditioning work and rest, do not be too labor, to avoid damage to righteousness。
In normal times, the wind should avoid sweating。
Room environment should be bright warm colors。
  3. diet to restore the best selection of flat side warm, spleen qi of food, such as rice, millet, squash, carrots, yams, jujube, mushrooms, lotus seeds, beans, tofu, chicken, white beans, eggs, quail ( egg), beef, etc.。Try to eat or not eat gas consumption of foods, such as nuts, raw carrots and the like。
Should not eat raw bitter cold, spicy hot food。
Ate several for deficiency in patients with eating nursed back to health therapeutic side: 1, ginger Burning dog attached: cooked with a piece of dog meat, ginger, vegetable oil, garlic, onion right amount。
The dog wash, cut into small pieces; ginger simmer cooked spare。Then cooked with sheet into the casserole, stew first 2 hours, then the vinegar, garlic and ginger into, add water stew, rotten meat until Serve。
Kidney tonic effect。Suitable for impotence, urinating more at night, chills and cold extremities such as Yang deficiency。TCM is deficiency syndrome of chronic bronchitis and chronic nephritis patients should eat。
  2, lamb stew sea cucumber: Warming impotence has the effect of lamb, sea cucumber food is seafood, which is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, vitamins and other nutrients, cholesterol is almost zero。Sea cucumber and tender meat, and flexible, delicious and refreshing taste, is an excellent tonic。Cucumber can kidney yang, Qi and Yin for fine blood deficiency, Yin constipation。
In the cold winter, the use of sea into a pot of lamb and mutton to participate in sea Ginseng approach is simple and delicious, very tonic for consumption。  3, Cistanche sheep kidney porridge: Cistanche 10 grams, a sheep kidney (to endometrial, chopped) 100 grams, with gruel。There kidney yang, benefits will be proficient in the role for the elderly Kidney failure caused by chills, lassitude Leng Tong, frequent urination, nighttime urination, constipation, this side is more classic diet party。  Chinese pay attention to colored into five internal organs, red into the heart, the liver cyan, yellow spleen, White lungs, the black into the kidney, if you encounter a threat, then they would eat black food。
Black foods generally are rich in vitamins and trace elements, as we usually say, "Black Five", including black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, dates, black walnut, is the most typical representative。