Kahn: Barcelona general can be a German Neuer starting to rediscover his confidence

  Former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn said in an interview SPORT1 said Teershite root has the ability to serve as Germany's starting goalkeeper。   Kahn said: "In the Barcelona effect, Teershite root to progress very quickly。
In my opinion, he has been a very good player。 And now, he has reached a very high level of。
If Teershite roots to become Germany's starting goalkeeper, and I would not be surprised to。 But his rival Neuer has been the world's top goalkeeper, so the lion still need to continue efforts。 "" At the last before the start of the European Cup, Neuer has been sidelined with injuries in the stage。 However, he quickly adapted to the team。 But now, Neuer 31 years old, I think he needs some time to recover self-confidence。 "For Germany's number three goalkeeper, Kahn said:" If Neuer did not catch this summer's World Cup, so I think the German team would consider to bring a goalkeeper with extensive game experience。 Wuerlaixi play very stable, he is also a trusted player。 However, I can not imagine Loew would bring such a player is no national team experience。 I've been asking myself, where the German team next like a genius goalkeeper Tanner Ruma?I still have not found。
"(From the Stanford football off)。