Rondo 29 + 18 + 13 James Celtics beat the Cavaliers tie it at 2 to 2 wins

  Ticker May 10, the Celtics 97-87 resisting Cavaliers at home, will always tie 2-2。
  Celtic still rely on the "Big Three" to conquer the world, but the "Big Three" does not include – Paul Pierce。 Rajon – Rondo triple-double, 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists, he also steals twice, Kevin – Kevin Garnett had 18 points and six rebounds, Ray – Ray Allen 18 points。 – Paul Pierce had nine points off the bench Tony – Allen 15 points。   LeBron – James 18 shots, 7, 22 points, nine rebounds and eight assists in his seven turnovers also reached。
Shaquille O'Neal – 17 points, Antoine – Jamison 14 points and six rebounds, Mo – Williams 13 points。   In 2008 the two teams met in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Pierce confrontation with a key。 In the seven games, James scored 45 points, scored 41 points and Pierce, Boston worked hard to pass the results, eventually win。 When two people quitting again, James is still difficult to stop, while Pierce has failed to have the appropriate countermeasures。
In the three games before this series, Pierce hit rate of only 31%, the average score only, while on the defensive, he also can not restrict James。
On the small forward most critical aspect of Celtic comprehensive disadvantage。
  Pierce today not only failed to get out of trouble shots are not allowed, also fell into foul quagmire, still unable to play。
The Celtics can only rely on the rest of the "Big Three" to those firms。   Knight head start to 7-0 start, the Celtics played in the game 2 minutes 30 seconds for the first time after scoring。
Pierce this section only hit a ball, even with a fine cast he scored 3 points, chasing the score 12-14 Celtic。 Knight failed to continue a good start, later in this section 8 minutes 33 seconds they only hit two goals, Boston opportunity beyond the score to the end of the section 31-22。
  Knight II began shortly after chasing the score 31-34, but Garnett turned and answered with a jumper, Ray – Ray Allen hit three-pointers followed, the Celtics made 9-point advantage。 This section concludes with 2 minutes 22 seconds 1 minute only Knight, Boston halftime to 54-45。
  Pierce had 5 points in the first half, played the third quarter did not take long, he would eat fourth foul, had to end, this section failed to score。 Knight began to fight back, in this section have 1 minute 41 seconds, the West beyond the arc caused by foul, the three penalties in three, the Cavaliers to 70-69 go-ahead, this is the first time since their first lead since。 Wallace made two free throws after a foul resulting in only one, but Davis immediately steals, Tony – Allen dunk, the Celtics ahead。 Knights in the final 2 minutes and 41 seconds in this section not shooting, the Celtics to 74-72 through three quarters ended。   Under high pressure, the Celtics finally broke out, after the fourth quarter began, they hit a wave of 10-0。 Rondo hit a ball not only has two assists, and Tony – Allen and Davis each hit two goals, the Celtics 84-72 to expand the advantage in one fell swoop。
  James and Anderson Varejao tenacious counterattack, the two together to play a wave of 10-0, still in the game 4 minutes 34 seconds, the Knights will recover as the score 84-86。 The two men in this wave of attacks five points, each with a "three-point play."。
  After the Celtics failed to score nearly three minutes, and finally by the – Ray Allen layup to break the deadlock。 Knight also continuous shot, Pierce finally scored for the first time in the second half, after the break dunk, when the game 1 minute 23 seconds, Pierce hit two free throws, the Celtics 94-85 to expand the。
  Knight could not even hit in the final 4 minutes 34 seconds a ball, watched the Celtics sped away。
The two sides battle into a 2-2 draw, back to the original starting line。   [] [] [] [] (Angkor)。