Discussion of love

Love is the most beautiful chapter in life, is the everlasting theme of literature, a source of inspiration, is the driving force of life。But in the end what is love?How to deal with love?Different natures, their different experiences people have different interpretations。I only own feelings to paper, people lost hope for some enlightenment。  You can go to the other measure the following four aspects is not your intimate love: physical, emotional (emotional) (body), mental (intellectual), mental (spiritual)。Needless to say, if you think the other side is not handsome not beautiful, you will not fall in love with him (her)。“Beauty is in the eyes of beholder”Even if the other party looks flat, but in your eyes, he (she) is a light, which is to attract the so-called physical side。You will always think of each other, and his (her) together, you have a very warm feeling very at ease。The thought or sight of him (her) heart will bang bang bang bounce, there is a sense of excitement and shy, then emotionally you already love each other anymore。Perhaps the profession different, different level of education suffered, but you can be at the same level exchanges are thinking, complement each other, complement each other, which is the intellectual compatibility。Another point is the most important, and that is spiritual understanding。Two people's life and values must be consistent, values must be consistent Duirenduishi。If a person is very secular, immersed in materialism, stingy man preoccupied; the other people are very refined, steeped in the spirit of the rich, generous, helpful, then it is harmony even in three other areas, it is difficult to love two men lifetime。  True love, as in chess opponents met, there will be joy of conquest。Huaiyuan high interest of the people Come and opponents,“To know her husband Chi, Yue Yun solitary possession of the heart”, So there“Ancient sages are lonely”It is said。True love does not need vows, it is ignorant young girls favorite things; mature people only hope the other side has a sincere heart for their thick!Language is only embellishment, is all heart!Love will wake up all your good sleeping cells, will inspire you the most brilliant side that was presented to the other side。I loved just as full of people on a tight winding of the clock, an energetic Nanfu battery, a rise enough gas balloon。If you have this condition, then congratulations to you!You met the only part of your heart was in a thousand of you in love!In this state of mind, whether it is reading, poetry, piano, painting or calculation, reasoning, writing, design, etc., will be more effective, no indestructible!So you have to take advantage of this state, the power, the gushing and hair caught inspiration to create a moving chapter of recording mental growth。  Learn to love and be loved!Love came to cherish, tender loving care, tolerant kind; love is gone, to be indifferent, no he (she) can, your heart still。Often hear“A farewell letter to let students run away to death, jumped to his death”Event, I would feel depressed for a long time。How precious life, people love it love or suicide?Even the dead are not afraid, are afraid it lovelorn?In fact, romance is a good thing, it tells you“Met a few wrong object is to meet the right person (woman) to prepare”。Deeper love, hate the cut the more bitter when the romance broke liver and intestine, this time you have to learn“endure”。Endured, and more pain to be endured, keep in mind that time is healing medicine。How big man's heart is as big, challenge their own limits, and must not be underestimated hidden in your body volcano。Butterfly this moment you are going through, the pain turned into strength and continue to practice until more outstanding。Goodbye man who let you liver heartbroken broken man, he (she) would not regret his original eye for excellence, you have no blessing of love。Of course, at this time you had him (her) out the window。This time you will thank this hurt, because it's who you are“Breakthrough”。  Love is the most important principle of equality and respect。Do not squander body in mean time to time you people。And find a just balance between soft, Huiyin said:“Gentle to have, but not compromise。We want in silence, calmly strong。”Others will love to love yourself first!Do you like a flower, not the flower itself, but it gives you the beauties of springtime feeling; you like some music, not the music itself, but it brought back many memories of you; you are a beloved person, not that themselves, but with him, you love yourself。The love object is actually your self projectiles, reflected the temperament and taste your own。Should a relationship can not give you emotional comfort, sublimation, spiritual joy of the soul, then resolutely abandon it——No matter how thick the azimuth tall, handsome people, money!  Give enough freedom and love。Treatment of love such as kite flying, kite flying higher and more glittering, more grateful hands Flanagan line。As long as the line is long enough, tough enough, there is no need Zheng break, because it requires the navigation traction。Some people want more control, the more want to love each other, just as it hands clutching a quicksand, the harder the more the loss of sand。Learn to love the wisdom of the people you love, love poetry and wandering around in。  Mature love is to give, not to demand。Love is the gift God has given to mankind, is a manifestation of human nature, an instinct。German-American psychologist Fromm distinguishes“Childish love”with“Mature love”Different: the former is“I love, because I was loved”,“I love you because I need you”; The latter is“I was loved, because I love”,“I need you because I love you”。True love is from the heart spontaneously flowing out of Oasis, natural, pure, sweet。Effort, Ayutthaya, please wrist far away!  Gibran discussion of love is my particular favorite, it is hereby incorporated: in flower nectar bees entertainment; however, the honey bee is sent to spend the entertainment。  Because for bees, flowers are the source of its life, for flowers, bees love it angel for bee and flower, Liang Xiali, entertainment and joy of giving and receiving is a need。  The essence of life is love, love yourself, love others, love of all things in the world, was able to realize the meaning of life。Love is not to return, but to love themselves。Whether the soul can approach divinity, depends on whether a person has“Big Love”Can not be“Big I”。You seeking a“Big I”When they hide your goodness, that we are seeking a Everyone has the。With“Big I”Stance give the people you love“Big Love”, This is the essence and the true meaning of love。