Huawei general board of directors: retired vice chairman Ren took his daughter

  22 to 23, 2009, Huawei held its third meeting on behalf of shareholding employees。 Huawei released an internal announcement, the company shares on behalf of employees will listen to the report of the resignation of chairman of Sun Yafang, Huawei Investment Holdings Limited was the board of directors and election supervisors election。 Ultimately, the election results show, Liang Huacheng as its new chairman, resigned Sun Yafang, and no longer hold office in the Board of Directors。   Sun Yafang, chairman of Huawei worked for 19 years, she came to work Huawei in 1989, since 1999, he served as chairman of Huawei。 The outside world recognized, Sun Yafang in marketing and human resources of both Huawei has outstanding contributions, Ren also believe that good manners, good English Sun Yafang good external coordination。 Sun Yafang had boarded the Forbes "Top 100 Chinese Business Women" list first。   For resigned Sun Yafang, Huawei side said Ms. Sun Yafang during his term as chairman of the company, dedication, practice and pass on to the body of Huawei core values of excellence performed the duties of chairman of the board, it was widely praised and respected inside and outside the company.。 In this general election the Board of Directors, Ms. Sun Yafang proposed transfer to Yin, personally practice iterative mechanism for replacement of the leadership of the company。 The company expressed his heartfelt thanks to Ms. Sun Yafang major historical contribution during his tenure as chairman of the company to a company.。 Ms. Sun Yafang will continue to play an important role in the further construction and improvement of Huawei governance system in。
  Liang Hua was promoted to chairman of the newly appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Liang Hua company had as chairman。
Resume display, Liang Hua was born in mid-1964, joined Huawei in 1995, has worked in the research head of the Ministry of structural design and construction division, president of Supply Chain Management, Group Chief Financial Officer, President, Global Technology Services, processes and IT president of the Department of management, chief supply officer and other positions。
Huawei side said that Mr. Liang Hua loyal dedication, rigorous and fair, rich management experience, we believe he can be a good responsibility to fulfill the company's chairman。
  It is understood that Huawei has already established a collective leadership, institutionalized leadership succession and inheritance patterns, once this election is the smooth functioning of this mechanism practice。   According to the official website of Huawei, Huawei's management including shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors, etc.。 Shareholders would be the highest authority, the company's capital increase, profit distribution, election of directors on major issues / supervisors and other decision-making。
The Board is the decision-making body of the company's strategy and management, the company's overall business operations guidance and supervision of the company's major strategic and operational issues in the process of decision-making。 Supervisory Board responsibilities include internal and external compliance monitor, check the company's financial and operating conditions, acts of the directors and senior management personnel from performing their duties and regulate the operation of the board of directors to supervise。   Ren's daughter Meng late boat as the identity of woman vice chairman Ren Meng late boat because it has been concern that the post-election, resigned as vice chairman Ren Zhengfei, Meng late boat took over, serve as co-chairman and three other rotating Vice Chairman。   Meng late boat previously served as Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director。
Huawei side said Zhou Meng late in the course of recent years, rapid development of business and global operations, the company led a standardized system of finance and economics, construction professional system, the successful implementation of IFS (Integrated Financial Services) change process in the company financial management, has made outstanding contributions to the internal control system and capacity building of Finance。
Was elected the new Board of Directors, Ms. Meng Wanzhou as vice chairman role, she will play a greater role in the further construction and improvement of corporate functions in the system。   Use rotating chairman of Huawei's original system of collective leadership system rotating CEO system, after the termination of this session of the Board, to switch to the rotating chairman of the management company, Huawei's continued collective leadership。 Huawei Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, HuHouKun as the company's rotating chairman。
During the rotating chairman of the board when the value of the company's top leadership, the leadership of the Board and Managing Board。
Rotating the rotating chairman of the board for six months, followed by cycle when the value of the next five years。   Previously, the company implemented Huawei rotating CEO system。
Rotating CEO during the rotation as the highest responsible company management and crisis management, the company responsible for the survival and development Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, HuHouKun respectively holds the rotating CEO,。   Text / reporter Jing Wen。