Deutsche Bank: a perfect copy shares 2006–07-year share price

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK May 29 news, A shares plunged across the board on Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.5%, 500 stocks limit, reaching 2 daily.4 trillion yuan record high。Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) pointed out that, so far, A-share perfect copy of the 2006–07-year share price, referring to the historical trend, A shares will continue to rise after a short-term consolidation。Figure A-share bull market and 2006–07 year bull market contrast Deutsche Bank said in a report, resulting in direct trigger for the stock market crash on Thursday mainly 3, one investor concerns about tightening liquidity environment, China's central bank [microblogging] withdraw liquidity through reverse repurchase, next week and the freezing of funds to fight the new more than 5 trillion yuan, the highest record in history; secondly, the Commission [microblogging] to strengthen supervision of the market, market manipulation further investigation, more brokerage improve the margin requirements; In addition, the central Huijin and ETF holdings of bank shares also led to panic in the market。  In addition to these direct factors, Deutsche Bank believe that the most important reason slump or A-share investors fragile emotional side。This year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen rose 53% and 107%, profit-taking motivation is very strong; high valuation is also an important reason, is not financial stocks, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 has reached 22 times expected earnings, limiting future upside; in addition, high turnover, high volume hit record highs, the world's first and so result in margin debt investors are very sensitive to environmental changes, Deutsche Bank analyst said the case。  Nevertheless, Deutsche Bank believe that A shares will continue to rise in the medium term after short-term correction。  The bank said: "From the history of China's stock market point of view, the day slump usually does not change the market trend, such as in the 2007 bull market, the situation permits fell more than 5% of the often short-term consolidation after resuming its upward。"" In fact, we found that this bull market in Shanghai since mid-2014 and 2006–07 years, the trend is very consistent。If history repeats itself, we can see the market recover after rising short-term consolidation, "Deutsche Bank said in a report the case。(Shofu compilation)