After 85 richest man in Jiangsu Yan Hao: only three words sum up my life living well

    Source: observer network for almost 40 years of reform and opening, when the first generation of private entrepreneurs have also entered the "ear" of the year。 Of course, their "successors" also entered the public eye, there is no doubt the highest-profile speech could be compiled in "quotations" of Sicong。
  But now, another relatively low-key "second generation" also say "verse"。
  December 18, after 85 Jiangsu's richest man, Yan Hao Chairman of the Board of Directors of construction, Netease economist annual meeting with three words summed up his life: born into a good。   In his speech, Yan Hao said Yan Kai, his father and told him what success?Success is "cultivar platform"。
And their success is "well born"。
  In his speech, Yan Hao also said that in the future to do better, also belong to the father's inheritance, if there are deficiencies in the process, only to reflect on their own。
The traditional Chinese culture is the first person to do things, but from its own generation of young people that are after the man do first。
As compared to their parents and their own generation with good economic and educational foundation。
Therefore, the new generation does not lack a man basic guidelines and common sense, we should embark on social, traveling thousands of miles to do it。
  His words, users who have comments are "big truth"。   Who But having said that, Yan Hao sort of person, let him "good life," the father is?  Hao Yan and Yan Kai's father was the founder of the Pacific Construction Group, several boarded Hurun Rich List, in 2017 introduced the latest list, Hao Yan Yan Jie, and the family's wealth was 115 billion yuan, ranking eighth in China。
At present, Yan Hao is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pacific Construction Group。   According to Chinese Entrepreneurs Network in November reported a few years ago, the outside world to the strict referral and stick a label – "First Global Chinese madman."。 He can also self-consistent: "Why am I mad, publicity?Because my ass clean China's construction tax fixed charge, not to steal, not leak, I steal, leak can not do。 "He even posted on the microblogging" Why should I be 'first madman,' "said that he told the media is 'stingy' stingy," I have no concept of media and public relations from the bones, so never spend money to delete bad Posts; we media and public relations costs are zero, the cost is zero deleted posts。
"Yan Kai, and 'mad' when no everywhere, from the young to the sea off the ground leaving office, to 'retreat endlessly', Laojifuli。 In recent years, the program as long as he attended the forum, attended even on his micro-blog, once voice, conversation will be in full flight from the kind of confident, outspoken "mad" King will be hit, "I can has been going crazy, this is the real cattle X。 "To some extent, this self-confidence 'mad' behind, is inseparable from his 30 years of accumulated wealth。
Especially strict referral and early experiences and its subsidiary have been among the "Fortune Global 500" of Pacific Construction, the majority of reports full of "revenue reached about 460 billion", "within five years, ready to build three Fortune 500 companies, beyond Kazuo Inamori" "preparing for 2020 to 2022 by mid-United States market, expected market capitalization of the listed section 3 trillion" and other expressions, how many people think "magic"。