30-year-old man married infertile due to missing hours playing this vaccine?

Location: body of 30-year-old man married infertile due to missing hours playing this vaccine?2018-3-2115: 18:52 Source: Introduction: Mr. Zhang, 30 years old, children have not been married for two years。These two days to a fertility doctor, the doctor asked him a question: In the past it too mumps?Listen to this, Mr. Zhang was wondering: Could not related to fertility and mumps?In the face of a disease, a disease in the private parts, it is really a relationship between the two…… 4, parotid gland orifices visible swelling, but no purulent secretions。5, except for mumps, the disease may occur meningitis, orchitis, oophoritis, pancreatitis, mastitis and other violations of different organs is caused by the mumps virus。
Mumps can accompany has appeared, generally considered to be complications。6, fever, chills, headache, sore throat, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, body pain, parotid gland swelling and pain for several hours, became clear, body temperature can reach 39 ℃, adults are generally more severe。A feature of mumps virus is not only the role of the gland, often acting on nerve tissue, pancreas, in particular, are quite large "affinity" for testicular。Occurs after puberty orchitis can cause irreparable damage to the epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells by viruses seminiferous tubules of the testis, testicular atrophy can cause severe。Mumps orchitis may cause male infertility and increase the probability of occurrence for both men bilateral mumps orchitis occurs, the greater the chance of this, and difficult to cure。Therefore, doctors advise, have a history of mumps male baby, we must beware of male infertility。Once a baby genital inflammation, you have to go to the hospital, early treatment, for early return to health。
The doctor said, inoculated with mumps component of the vaccine is effective measures to prevent mumps。
Children 18?24 months of age should receive a measles – mumps – rubella combined vaccine。According to WHO recommended literature search and mumps incidence province, an inoculated control effect limited-containing component mumps vaccine, the recommended vaccine containing two mumps component。
Mumps virus uninfected children with and without prior vaccination history of mumps component of the vaccine or vaccination history of mumps-containing vaccine composition is unknown, such as the mumps component of the vaccine should be vaccinated flow gills with children's class appears。Develop good personal hygiene habits, so that "four ground more than one": that wash their hands frequently ventilation, clothing drying ground, diligence exercise, drink plenty of water。Patients should pay attention to home quarantine。