Secret China's top sniper rifle: the mysterious woman made the world's first gun

For a country's military-industrial complex, cutting-edge manufacturing, does not refer to a single display missiles, fighter jets, aircraft carriers and other high-tech equipment, a gun is also the country's military manufacturing the most cutting-edge technology results。 After hundreds of years of development, the construction industry has become a leader in the manufacture of light weapons development。
From rifles to pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, where you can produce hundreds of firearms, light weapons is the most complete spectrum of products, most core technology, the largest production scale enterprises。 Global exports dozens of countries and regions。 And already there are a variety of independent research and development of products reach the world-class level, there is even a firearms into the first echelon of the world gun family。 Three years of good governance, domestic sniper rifle international won the first prize in China's largest production base of guns, sniper rifles China Ordnance Equipment Group Project Leader Fan Fangmei wearing white gloves, like greeting an old friend, wipe with a sniper rifle type 85 mm caliber。
This is an imitation of the Soviet-German Lago Romanov mm semi-automatic sniper rifle developed by。 In 1985, this high-precision sniper rifle stereotypes production in this arsenal。 According to statistics, in modern war killed an opponent using an ordinary infantry weapons, on average need to consume 2000 rounds of ammunition, sniper rifles and use only need to consume bullets。 Republic of military equipment, in the late 1970s, they started their own independent research and development of high-precision sniper rifle。 Fan Fangmei the hands of this rifle, within 800 meters can accurately hit the target, is the first sniper rifle 20 years ago, China began to export。 In 2009, the international sniper competition, Chinese players using domestically-mm caliber sniper rifle participate in the competition, what is surprising is that due to the lack of precision firearms, Chinese players eliminated in the first round。 A country with millions of troops, the Chinese military has manufactured the whole production chain system, there is not even a qualified sniper rifle。 The loss is the message, deeply hurt Fan Fangmei。
She decided must rely on their own strength to do it the gun。 Measure the accuracy of a sniper rifle, the international index is commonly used arc minutes。 If the shooter holds a sniper rifle accuracy of angle points, it means that the projectile in the gun 100 yards spread cm diameter。
In China, imitation of this type 85 mm sniper rifle accuracy level within 100 yards only 3-5 arc minutes, while foreign sniper rifle was able to reach 1 arc minutes, far beyond the accuracy of the Chinese sniper rifle。 On the surface, this is just the slightest gap in accuracy, but for a military manufacturing country, but it is the difference between a difference of thousands of miles on firearms production technology。
In 2009, Fan Fangmei sniper rifle as project leader, who love guns than you love lipstick female designers, to start reviewing the data and experimental data type 85 mm sniper rifle development phase, the collection of domestic and foreign developments sniper rifle。
With unique to women keen to finally find out the underlying causes of this lack of precision of rifle。
Semi-automatic filling, which allows the rifle there is motion in the shooting process, and guns, bombs, sight and no matching design。 100 meters from the shooting range size of a coin, which is responsible for the development of shooting accuracy Fan Fangmei mm high-precision sniper rifle。 2 wire, mm, the thickness of a hair, which is the machining accuracy of this rifle Prepared Sample。 Manufacturing and processing a gun involving dozens of links, each link will affect the final accuracy of firearms。
Overtime group leader Qu Jun machines are high-precision machining mm sniper rifle parts, they are the team to be cut by turning, milling, wire and other machining sequence, machined parts needed for most mm high-precision sniper rifle。
To achieve accuracy requirements made on Fan Fangmei design drawings, Qu Jun and his fellow workers have forgotten yourself what you really stayed up many nights, plus a number of night。 Casing processing is the bottleneck of the trial work, to dig a deep hole in the inner diameter of 238 mm 26 mm blind hole, and the error must be controlled within two wire, which is never a challenge, even at high prices bought tools also fail to meet requirements。 In repeated groping, Qu Jun and even transform yourself tool, finally made casing meet the technical requirements, the successful trial out mm high-precision sniper rifle。 Huang Jian 21 years old work in the arsenal, along with his father to learn assembly of firearms。 Today, his father retired, and he grew into this arsenal of firearms fitters, by Huang hand gun assembly has as many as tens of thousands of support。
One millimeter high-precision sniper rifle total of more than 100 parts, assembled need more than three hours, to a large to a small barrel screw, each part of the installation will affect the firearm shooting accuracy。 Take While this model M6 screw 25 mm, it is used to connect the butt of the gun body, Huang hexagon wrench needed to position it at fourteen complete。
Ten thousandth millimeter precision sniper rifle is the largest assembly of allowable error, and assembled by hand firearms Huang error is less than two thousandths of millimeters, which is equivalent to one-thirtieth of a human hair。 In the laboratory dynamic testing of firearms, a rifle fitted after completion of each should get here indoor shooting trial。
To meet international standards, this high-precision sniper rifle will within one hundred yards away, hit three consecutive rounds of ammunition is not more than a dollar coin。
But this time trial, did not achieve the desired effect Fan Fangmei, which gave Fan Fangmei a blow, a sudden feeling of hitting rock bottom。 The final problem lies in the ballistic barrel of a rifle seemingly simple, in fact, it is the most sophisticated military manufacturing a technology。
Failure test, making the Fan Fangmei can only lead the team again in more than 400 barrels, more than 80,000 rounds of ammunition, more than 80,000 test data, this redesign barrel bore rifle。
Fan Fangmei: guns, bombs, mirror, we really are very cautious, factors that affect the accuracy of experiments we continue to find, and then we go to control these parameters。
High-precision millimeter caliber sniper rifle optimized, can not meet international standards of accuracy it?Fan Fangmei to lead the designers to go for outdoor shooting trial。
Fan Fangmei watched with rapt attention spotting scope to help shooters making final preparations。
Hundred meters away, three bullets hit the bull's-eye in a row, this time shooting performance reached the international advanced level of precision arc minutes。 2012 July 27, the Chinese team for the first time with only domestic-mm high-precision sniper rifle in Kazakhstan took part in the international special sniper game, won the 17 race courses 14 leading honors, two overwhelmingly won the team scores first, second。
For the game, this is just a victory, but the military manufacturing to China, this is tremendous progress in industrial manufacturing level。 One day test-fired thousands of rounds of bullets, live ammunition test the gun member of China's top sniper rifle to witness a growth history of firearms from styling to production, research and development are concerned for the Long March only the first step。 The performance of guns but also the test of time, and improve the performance of firearms can not be separated upgrading of domestic equipment manufacturing level, but also inseparable from generations of R & D personnel better attitude。
Fortunately, Ningbo, in 2008 entered the construction industry from the army after the war, became a member of the young gun test。 Work is to try members of the gun live-fire testing of guns off the assembly line is working properly, accurate and reliable, so fortunate Ningbo, five hours a day, is constantly fire a gun, day for test-fired several thousand rounds of ammunition。 Nine years, he has had ten balance test-fired a firearm, bullet casings year finished shooting can be stacked in a hill。
This time, fortunately Ningbo to be test-fired by Fan Fangmei developed high-precision sniper rifle。
Although 2011 has been finalized delivered, but Fan Fangmei been looking for this method of precision sniper rifle to continue to improve。 And ultimately improve the accuracy of whether, how much increase, referred to the gunmen tried to do the actual test。 The indoor shooting range where a total of more than 20 gunmen tried, but to achieve high-precision sniper rifle tests required less than ten, Ningbo is one of the lucky one。 From 2011 high precision sniper rifle officially listed up to now, six years have passed。 Fortunately, the bullet fired from the hands of Ningbo has been unable to count, so he is proud to have witnessed the increasing accuracy of this gun。 Fan Fangmei came to forging workshop, workers test and forged barrel together。 Currently detect barrel by way of a combination of manual and mechanical, it must immediately once the problem was found to be modified, or even directly scrapped。 For Fan Fangmei, the processing of every aspect will ultimately affect the accuracy of firearms, in order to improve accuracy, it is necessary to stop and dig in every detail。 Fan Fangmei always adhere to excellence, she and her team every year for the average high-precision sniper rifle at hundreds of improvements, as small as a process parameter, even as large as the product structure processing technology。 In the bore of the barrel, for example, to lengthen the product life, and other harsh environment to adapt to high temperature rainwater, is generally carried out in the past by the chrome surface treatment。
Chrome have congenital problem of imbalance, a thin layer of chromium appears to alter the size and smoothness of the bore of the barrel, thereby affecting the accuracy of firearms shooting。 Fan Fangmei trial and error, finally found a new alternative: no chrome-plated barrel, to improve shooting accuracy, while still also be able to corrosion。 On this day, the construction industry welcomed a special guest, 95 automatic rifle chief designer duo Eiken, who is also China is currently the only one professional light weapons Academy of Engineering。
As China's first self-developed small-caliber automatic rifle chief architect of the factory every aspect of production are so duo Eiken feel warm。 A branch is to complete a new generation of rifles manufactured in the production bases and equipment to the People's Liberation Army soldiers in the hands of。
In this exhibition room of firearms, academician duo Eiken once again reach for the 95 automatic rifle designed himself 20 years ago, filled with emotion。 Chinese Academy of Engineering duo Eiken: I recognize the incredible。 Now in terms of the average level of almost, but ultimately all the weapons, all of which involve two issues, we have a materials technology than in Western countries there are still gaps, people engage in 200 years, we have only a few decades; we are a the drug is not stable, but the energy is there, now is to go to the stable。 Our best hope to advanced technology, the cost is very simple, very cheap, durable, very cheap, so it is mainly excellence。 [Thick and thin of plot] Chinese Academy of Engineering duo Eiken told us that after decades of catch-up, gun family China independently developed and manufactured in narrowing the gap between developed, but proud at the same time, we still have to recognize where the gap。
Not on the design, but the basic material, the host material, like a gun, it is necessary to light, but also strong, have a certain ductility to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant。
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