Curettage of the uterus hurt big you these five habits easily lead to uterine damage

Curettage of the uterus it hurt big everyday habits of many women likely to cause damage to the uterus, efficiency greatly affect women's health and life which will。 So, curettage of the uterus hurt big everyday life do women have the habit which will hurt the uterus 1, multiple miscarriages when it comes to abortion, many of whom are active people。
Today's society becomes more open, the children always come at an inopportune time, therefore, had to take the abortion terminate pregnancy。 In general, the effects of early pregnancy abortion on the body is small, but it can not be repeated miscarriages, it is after all a surgery, easily lead to inflammation of the uterus,。 And, it tends to cause similar adverse consequences, easier to clean and does not require curettage flow。
If the number is more than curettage, endometrial will be thin, causing a variety of gynecological inflammation, and even lead to infertility。 And multiple pregnancies, the uterus will put pressure on the same。 Studies have shown that pregnant more than three times the risk of developing uterine will significantly increase。 Therefore, the young mothers who must be good contraceptive measures, for prenatal and postnatal care。 2, gynecological inflammation do not attach importance to the vast majority of women will suffer from gynecological diseases, however, many gynecological diseases because there is no pain, just manifested as back pain, it is often not taken seriously。 But the gynecological inflammation into the uterus through the cervix and cause harm。 Plus ideologically not pay enough attention, minor ailments can be easily dragged into a serious illness, even cancer。 Therefore, women must be regular gynecological examination, if it is found suffering from disease, treatment should be promptly。 Usually should also pay attention to personal hygiene, underwear should be cleaned daily to prevent bacterial growth。
These five habits easily lead to uterine damage 3, Tan Liang summer, is not a lot of people thought it swim and eat cold should choose a regular, there is health security of the swimming pool, rather than jump in and see the river swim。
Although in some area, water quality looks very good, but the bacteria is not easily visible to the naked eye we。 And those are very cold water, soak in it, even in the hot summer, and very easy to make cold invasion。