Chery change in the mix curtain: merit sluggish executives from time to time leaving the White Gossip

"Chery mix change" this drama is being slowly opened。May 29, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chery") held its second session of the Ninth Congress of workers in Wuhu, in a secret ballot, unanimously approved a resolution on the transfer of shares of Chery Automobile。  Some media reported that Chery Automobile is intended to be not less than 200 million yuan in cash introduction of outside investors to increase their investment in the form of shares Chery Automobile。To this end, "China Business" reporter sent a letter to Chery Automobile, but as of press time, failed to get a response。  Who will be the Chery Automobile new "owner"?Not so long ago, the major media came Boland Group shares, Chery chairman Yin Yue as "nonsense" had to respond。Then, there are the media exposed self, shares program will be the capital of CPT lead, Shenhua Group to participate, reporters also call the CPT capital, the other after recording a reporter's contacts expressed the need to report to the leadership。  From the current situation, Chery Automobile mix change may have been "imminent", but shares still unknown party。Looking at the whole industry, Chery Automobile mix change is significant, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Assistant Secretary-General Du Fangci said: "Chery might be a new round of state-owned enterprises to change the mix of the 'vanguard'。" 'Scandal' who will continue to target the White Chery?  Beginning last year, Chery Automobile mix change rumors began to spread。May this year, the news media reported that the treasure can be invested 25 billion yuan Group?27 billion yuan to increase their investment in the form of shares Chery Automobile, and become the largest shareholder, in addition, Fosun International, CDH capital and Ching Group are involved in the bidding。For this, Yin Yue as "nonsense" had to respond, Fosun International, Ching Group also did not directly answer a reporter's question, indicating "not comment on market rumors," "all the announcement"。  However, with the workers' congress was held investors regarding the introduction of Chery Automobile perhaps "a virtual certainty" the。Sources said that at least 51% of the shares to sell Chery Automobile plans。There are some media that the current group may be able to treasure in a "lead state", late last year, Bao could Group ho throw 66.51% of the shares of 300 million yuan acquisition of Chery's qoros, recently came to Changhe Suzuki stake。Thus, Boland Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua layout of the automobile industry is not a small movement。  But at the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the transfer of state-owned assets must Yangtze Equity Exchange, the Group acquired the treasure can qoros's case, there have been no listed first acquisition, second only to the case of an agreement, so not completed before the delisting, who are likely to White。Du Fangci also said: "Everything is not to say, can treasure the experience is too shallow, it may not be suitable for Chery in the automotive sector。"A few days ago, the media exposed self, Chery real party equity capital is perhaps the CPT lead investor, Shenhua Group to participate。In the capital CPT official website, the reporter found that, as early as January 2017, the CPT capital, Shenhua Group, Chery Automobile will also be a high-level tripartite talks。  The company's official website said the meeting led personally by the CPT Capital Partners Dong Yi Jia Jian Managing Director, Executive Director Peng Hui, Liu Zhiyong and other peer。Meanwhile Ling Wen, general manager of Shenhua Group, Zhang Jiming, vice president and other executives also participated in a public meeting。  Chery vehicles, Yin Yue, deputy general manager Liu Yang, Chery Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Chery Holding"), Deputy General Manager Xu Hui were received。CPT capital's official website wrote: "In recent years, Shenhua and actively explore CPT mixed ownership reform, and launched a series of positive and useful cooperation in the field of capital。Shenhua and Chery have broad prospects for cooperation in battery, new materials (XLPE), thin-film solar car network control technology。"Meanwhile, Dong Yi said:" The CPT mixed ownership as committed to reform and professional investment institutions to invest in the industry, long-term investment strategy in order to practice the power capital of SOEs, the CPT with Shenhua, Chery has established close cooperative relations in recent years, the future will continue to actively promote comprehensive cooperation with Shenhua, Chery, help enterprise development。"On the other hand, ownership structure Chery has already started to occur some changes, public information display, March 13, Huatai Securities (601688.SH), a wholly owned subsidiary of Huatai Securities (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Asset Management Holdings to become the third largest shareholder of Chery, Chery registered capital of the new holding 9.7.8 billion yuan, 22.86% of the shares were transferred to Huatai Securities, while Chery Chery Automobile Holdings is the second largest shareholder。  For questions mix reform, reporters also interviewed an internal staff Chery Automobile, the other said he was affiliated with Chery Automobile diplomatic team, for details of the mix change is not particularly clear。However, it said: "The introduction of investors is a normal business changes, the layout of Chery Automobile international markets and new energy, including the development of new products is good news。"He also said that Chery Automobile Investment in overseas areas is not shrinking, as the low-level cadres 'There's nothing to worry about'。  Sluggish performance executives leave in fact, the Chery Automobile mix change and performance of the company may have a direct relationship, statistics show that last year, Chery sold all of its brands to 680 000, the results presented in early 2017 Bi Qirui " ensure 900,000, for one million "falls far short of the target, at the same time, Chery automobile's share of the passenger car market are declining, the National passenger car information Co data show that last year the market share of Chery automobile 2 share.28%, year on year decline 0.21% own brand in sixth place, behind Geely, Changan, Great Wall, SAIC Motor and Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars。  Chery sales slump has brought a sharp decline in financial data, display 2016 according to Lianhe Credit Rating Co., Ltd. released the track rating report Chery Automobile, Chery Automobile revenues 329.6.4 billion yuan, total profit of 2.0.6 billion yuan。By mid-2017, the company's revenue fell 10.59%。Operating profit -3764 million, net profit of 2.6.4 billion yuan。In the first quarter of this year, Chery Automobile operating profit of -6.7.6 billion yuan, compared to the same period last year, losses are four times。In addition, the China Automobile Dealers Association released inventory data show that in April Chery Automobile stocks coefficient of up to 2.6, this means that dealers can not purchase two and a half months, operating pressures and risks are very large。  For problems faced by Chery Automobile, Du Fangci said Chery Automobile past two years failed to see, in addition to a series of mistakes in management, strategy, brand building, the most immediate problem is the concept of cause, "Chery has caused losses in the view of the body more than 100 billion yuan, a serious drag on the company, the investment direction of a big problem, "although the concept of cause Chery sold in the last year to be able to treasure, but the" body mass Chery, the concept caused a direct result of the company's malaise appetite "。  Du Fangci also said: "Chery has come to the point where reform must be mixed, and the introduction of capital is the right choice。"On the other hand, the Chery Automobile will not lead to the introduction of new capital management 'big shake'?Recently, Chery Automobile unrest personnel from happening again, the former assistant general manager of Chery Automobile, marketing company executive vice president Zhao Huangong open to admit resignation。In addition, there are media reports that assistant general manager of Chery Automobile also responsible for the development of Lu had left only。Subsequently, the deputy general manager of Chery Automobile, Jaya, general manager of marketing company also heard outgoing messages。  Printing even began to circulate Yin Yue will also leave。However, in June 2, Yin Yue and Wuhu city officials appeared together in Shanghai to attend the meeting, some commentators believe that this is the Yin Yue rumor in the industry, their position remains solid。  Du Fangci also believes Yin Yue Chery Automobile is currently unlikely to leave, even after the mix to change, the company's ownership structure may be a qualitative change does not happen, he said: "Chery Automobile The change may be mixed together with the shares of many investors, even if there is more than 51% of the shares are sold, that is dispersed sell majority shareholder is less likely to change, Yin Yue strong position, but also from the prestige and experience, Yin Yue Chery and no one can。"On the other hand, Du Fangci said Chery Automobile mixed change in some way to change the mix of state-owned enterprises next 'Pathfinder'。He said: "Chery Automobile is one of the earliest state-owned car prices market-oriented management, has done a great job, now out of the question, it should be when the vanguard of reform。From the body mass, the Chery very appropriate, other state-owned enterprises car body is too big, can not afford the capital investment, even if the investment will be difficult because of lack of voice qualitative change。Chery reform if successful, could change the future of mixed expand to other state-owned automobile enterprises, even in other areas。"