Analysis block chain: harvesting leeks and rich-quick dreams of virtual currency staggered opportunity Huihun

True and false "block chain" was once suspended virtual currency speculation boom, after the Spring Festival, along with the brightest investors endless hype, the concept of the coerced tall "block chain", once again making a comeback。  In fact, the scene block chain applications of this technology is still very little ground, but is still in early development。Ordinary investors invest in "block chain" concept, what is the real cutting-edge technology, or the name of the banner of the fish in troubled waters, in front of fantasy riches, many people do not care about the truth。But, what should go block chain technology?  Industry insiders, because it is not publicized, and the block chain, from virtual currency investment-related media as a source of money circles, is becoming an important part of the ecological。"Before playing games, doing entertainment, finance and economics from the media are doing to make a transition block chain from the media。"Overnight, it seems that all those who are concerned about an investment block chain, never before concerned also hastened to add various study groups block chain, for fear of falling behind。  Xu Xiaoping called for funds from it real entrepreneurial CEO who in 500 people in the crowd all depends on the micro-letter (all in) internal block chain sharing is heard, then a collection of Xu Xiaoping, angel investors Xue Manzi during the Spring Festival, "the richest man in Bitcoin "Li Xiao, fast taxi founder Chen Wei Xing, Cai Wensheng, chairman Mito even some of the actress' three o'clock sleepless block chain" group of fermented red rain, then director of the Jinsha River Ventures general manager Zhu Xiaohu said, "not into all kinds 3 o'clock in the group, some outlets would rather miss otherwise Wanjiebubao "fierce speech, Chen Wei star is back Taking hate, etc., a series of hot events will 'block chain' investment boom push。  "Three o'clock sleepless block chain" micro-channel group as the originator, a variety of block chain intensive study group was established, handouts in the sleepless group is widely shared。ICO is not allowed to discuss the topic and currency speculation in the sleepless group, while in the other group learning block chain, block chain has become the carnival's currency speculation。"What currency rose in 2018 to 100 times" has become the topic of these groups to attract users。  In September last year, had been halted regulation of currency speculation of the wind, buttressed blocks chain concept comeback。  Block fields chain "actors" who "now various 'actors' block chain field too much。Many so-called opinion leaders are to take some of the concepts specious speak about special lectures。"Block chain and a focus on the field of virtual currency for investors century Business Herald reporter 21, said he refused to join various groups at 3 o'clock。  In this block chain public opinion carnival, the sleepless group also made a number of remarks outside world wonder。  Due to currency speculation fortune Guo was in the sleepless group bluntly, "I came to make money!Application block chain is the largest currency speculation。"I have been kicked out of the group。  Cai Wensheng claimed that the underlying architecture block chain of mathematical logic, thought is philosophical thinking middle, the highest level of theological beliefs。  These remarks "currency circle" widespread, these people are also involved in the block chain or virtual currency investment。Media reports, known as Mito issued by the company called "beauty honey" (BEC) tokens landed trading platform, the first day of the market value of up to $ 63 billion, though falling thereafter to 10 times, still higher than the market value of the company at the port of Mito。Mito, deny issuance BEC, said it was issued by an independent third party, but its beauties cooperation abroad。Chen Wei star is said to have invested dozens of block chain companies, including currency exchange virtual currency security, fire coin, wave field (TRON), quantum chain。  On the other hand, the ecological circle coins are changing。Industry insiders, because it is not publicized, and the block chain, investment-related virtual currency from the media as the main source of currency circles, is becoming an important part of the ecological。"Before playing games, doing entertainment, finance and economics from the media are doing to make a transition block chain from the media。"Coin circle of people Shili Lei (a pseudonym) expressed。  Is planning to start doing block chain community APP project Zhang Lu (a pseudonym) on the Business Herald reporter in the 21st century, he said Nikkatsu 20,000 coins circle APP, rate card a banner has sold 180,000; while in other areas, Nikkatsu 20,000 APP probably not receive ad。"Circle currency is not short of money, we want to provide a community for major products, exchanges, since the media are likely to become perhaps the project side。This is a new industry, courage and ideas is the greatest resource。"Industry veteran, told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald, at present exchange, project side, perpendicular from the media, has formed a relatively programmed with chain。Since touted soft paper published media campaign project, the project party to give a certain amount of private tokens or cost in return; the project parties or payment of a large fee or give a certain percentage of private credit to the exchange, which landed Exchange。After the successful landing Exchange soared, and then by the retail investors access disk, stakeholders retreat high, followed by the completion of the retail slump tokens harvest。  Some new ways are emerging, "claiming that some of the projects before landing Stock Exchange to grant the user the" candy "(gift tokens)。"Zhang Lu introduction, this is just a way of packaging, like a gift coupons to attract users, like, more importantly, to enhance user engagement。  ICO detour overseas to grow 4 September 2017, the central bank and other seven ministries jointly issued a document, pointing out the country, including the first token release (ICO) by issuing tokens in the form of financing the activities of large numbers, speculation prevalent, suspected of engaging in illegal financial activities , seriously disrupting the economic and financial order。From the date of announcement, various tokens issued financing activities should be stopped immediately。Completed tokens issued to finance organizations and individuals and other arrangements should be made to lay off。  At that time all the way Hurricane ICO pause button is pressed, but many platforms by way of a detour abroad, continue to engage in such acts。A project leader at that time was preparing to ICO told reporters that his project diverted Singapore, still finished raising。But in fact, many are still raised mainly for the domestic channel, spread information related investments through micro letter and other groups。  Despite currency security, fire coin, OKCoin Bank and other currency in September last year, has announced the suspension of registration, to stop the yuan trading business, but soon the trading platform will be moved to a server registered overseas launch of the international version, but the main objective is still the domestic users give priority。Fire currency, OKCoin retained the original registered accounts are moved to a server registered in the Seychelles, Belize and other remote countries。After logging in, providing legal tender currency trading and currency trading as well as leverage, the French currency trading support payments, micro-channel payment Payment。  China Internet Association previously released financial risk warning, the territory of some institutions or individuals also organized so-called currency currency trading and OTC, and combined with a market maker, guarantees and other business services, which in real terms is still a "virtual currency" market place, is clearly incompatible with the existing policy。  21st Century Business Herald reporter learned from the industry, even a trading platform called servers, and registration has been moved abroad, you do not have to be regulated by the territory。  Beijing Dacheng Law Firm Partner Sa Shaw wrote that the original sin of virtual currency exchange, which may include the crime of illegal business, illegal absorbing public deposits crime, fraud (if any collusion on suspicion of insider trading more than this crime), money laundering, etc.。Xiao Sa anticipation, pure exchange type of fraud, pyramid schemes have the means of exchange and ICO will be processed first。"If the official attitude of the ICO does not change, business and other virtual currency Bitcoin exchange trading platform is difficult to find a legitimate business model in territory。"Block chain is still in early development to attract investors to the influx of virtual currency and block chain, than the riches of fantasy。  Over the past few years, despite being perceived lack of value-based, and suspected money laundering, terrorist financing and other issues in order to Bitcoin virtual currency as the representative of millions of times still soaring。Some people had to hold some virtual currency wealth soared Therefore, these cases attract some ordinary people to participate。Especially in terms of virtual currency, it can be easier to manufacture the illusion of riches。"A lot of investors do not see the white paper, asked me if I had credit。"One block chain investor presentation。  A number of senior experts block chain of the 21st century Business Herald reporter said that optimistic about the prospects for the block chain technology, but the technology is still in its infancy。  Founded in Russia block chain to introduce the company recently when China exchanges, which in terms of insurance, document sharing, etc., have practical application block chain project。But in answer to the specific circumstances of the relevant cooperation it pointed out, mainly to provide technical support for exploration-related projects, in the early lack of business can generate cash flow。However, the corresponding token is claimed that the recently landed Exchange。  One person has been involved in the project ground to a Dahon block chain of the 21st century Business Herald reporter, said the market for more than nine out of ICO projects are fraudulent, while the remainder of the project which, most probably because they are difficult to implement and mortality, can the few surviving。If a large number of ordinary investors to participate, the risk is extremely uncontrollable。"Even if initially determined to develop the project, but seeing some air can easily fund-raising money, who would feel at ease to do it blocks chain project?In fact, this is a test of humanity!"One block chain entrepreneur Business Herald reporter had contacted the 21st century, but also contain himself released his tokens。  Secretary-General of the National Committee of Experts on Internet banking security technology Zhen Wu pointed out that many MLM began to form under the banner block chain, virtual currency, coins have been found more than 400 kinds of shops and MLM。  In the block chain applications, Wu Zhen pointed to the need to meet four conditions, one of the parties involved; the second is multi-stakeholder initiative; the third is involved authenticity, many people think can not tamper with the chain block, but in writing before choosing what not to control; fourth is difficult to implement, such as block chain for poverty alleviation, many nodes to sink to the poor townships and rural areas, a lot of places do not even have a computer system do not understand, it is very difficult。  Analysis and Understanding of listed companies rub hot block chain chaos