7.1.8 billion "spoiler" pharmaceutical cold chain transportation logistics planning SF Holding differential covers

Known as "unlisted" of the Company (hereinafter referred to as "SF", 002 352.SZ) finally chose through the "backdoor listing" to embrace capital markets, and was quickly dubbed the Shenzhen market value of "Big Brother" in the title。  It is understood, has formed a competitive differentiation with tact, in the pass, Shen Tong, rhyme ( "tee up a") "Express Big Brother", is still low-key expansion of its new map, which intends to upset the pharmaceutical cold chain transport industry award attention。  Statistics show that as early as 2014, SF already set up a separate pharmaceutical logistics division in early 2016, SF formally established the "cold transport division," separation pharmaceutical cold chain and cold chain of fresh resources, business reporting directly to headquarters content。  For the follow-up pharmaceutical cold chain business development plan, "China Business" reporter tried to learn more about the SF Public Relations。The other responsible person responded by saying: "Given the current annual disclosure quiet period, we will not stand for it。"Shenzhen market value of 'Big Brother' no significant mountain dew。February 23 SF Holdings listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's first day of listing the company's total market capitalization that is beyond Vanke, the United States, "sit" Shenzhen market value of the first card。SF also become the first five "After a three-up" visit the capital market courier company。  SF after the listing, the stock continues to pull the daily limit, to the March 1, the company's total market capitalization has "climbed the" peak, reached 292.9 billion yuan more than。Despite the recent weakness of the stock price has been oscillating, but as of March 9 press reporters the same day, the market value of SF is still ranked first in Shenzhen, reported 2606.4.3 billion yuan。  Fortune in Shunde, Guangdong SF, founded more than 20 years, which is quite different from the break of the road has been listed on the "three links up"。The former uses Direct mode, deep plowing business express delivery market with high-end express delivery market; after four franchise model is used, the electricity supplier courier market focus。  SF listed in the bell of the first day, the head of Wang Wei said the statement was "on the market in order to be able to melt into more money", but stressed that "not listed ashore"。  As the capital market, "latecomers", in terms of net profit, SF close to the "three links one of" four sum。According to results released by SF Express showed that in 2016 total revenue of 574.8.3 billion yuan, an increase of 21.51%; total profit 51.9.1 billion yuan, an increase of 82.46%; attributable to the shareholders of the net 41.8 billion yuan, an increase of 112.51%。  Experts believe that the courier Zhao Xiaomin, combined with the current business situation as well as the layout of the competitive advantage of SF, within the next five years or is hard to beat other private courier companies。  But SF is not without challenges。The market also believes that SF has a strong voice in the business of high-margin parts market, but in asset-heavy model is also difficult to obtain faster growth, lower gross profit of the electricity supplier parts。  "SF revenue would like to one hundred billion yuan breakthrough, it must continue to consolidate the existing express business, increase investment, which can also be interpreted as Heshun Feng will be available to raise 80 billion yuan of funds, most ready to invest in existing business segments。"Zhao Xiaomin representation。  Su Baoliang recently released research report said that the current situation will be reversed in short supply courier industry, business volume more than six consecutive years of 50% growth or unsustainable。But he also believes that the next three years, driven by the electricity supplier, the rise of derivative and penetration of mobile terminals, express delivery industry is still expected to remain above 30% of high growth。  Early prototype pharmaceutical cold chain It is understood that the wind is now expanding low-key new map, but it encompasses the field of medicine will reach the cold chain。However, pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry, currently dominated by the pharmaceutical companies "to control" the situation is still relatively rare third-party intervention。  Din Tai new material recently through the backdoor listing, SF successfully raised matching funds to 8 billion yuan。According to the plan announced SF, which raise matching funds after the intermediary costs and related tax deduction for the purchase of aircraft materials company and flight support program, cold transport vehicles and temperature control equipment procurement project, the construction of the platform and the next generation of logistics information R & D projects, transit construction projects in this field five major projects。  Which raised funds for the cold temperature-controlled transportation vehicles and equipment procurement project, to be invested only 7 SF.1.8 billion yuan。Compared to such other equity investment projects, the amount invested limited。Even so, the project appears in the equity investment and project arrangements, still looks a little garish。The first to market early has other private courier, did not see a similar investment initiatives。  SF reorganization report on the market for cold chain distribution situation is scanty。"SF current to develop a cold transport business through the purchase of transport vehicles and cold temperature control equipment, improve cold-chain transport speed and quality of transport, to provide customers with a high level of temperature control services, in order to quickly grab market share, increase market share SF Holdings rate。"The company a few words to express。  It is understood that the cold chain transportation would involve fresh cold chain and pharmaceutical cold chain two blocks, and for the company as well as how to further allocate layout, SF is not yet detailed statement。  Reporters combed public information found on the SF coveted pharmaceutical cold chain market segments, for a long time。  As early as March 2014, SF will set up a separate pharmaceutical logistics division。After mid-2015 SF announced the establishment of five business groups, medical logistics division are classified in the supply chain business group。In early 2016, SF formally established the "cold transport division," separation pharmaceutical cold chain and cold chain of fresh resources, business reporting directly to headquarters content。The market believes that it also shows the importance of good luck from the side of the cold chain business。  November 2016, SF's company Chengdu Feng Shun Yi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the world's pharmaceutical giants reached a cooperation, the two sides started Sanofi China third in Chengdu, southwest of the first pharmaceutical logistics center project。News media reported that the initial stage of bilateral cooperation, Sanofi will transport the pharmaceutical drug delivery to SF, late delivery of vaccines is also expected to be included。  In addition, in December 2016, SF SF Group's pharmaceutical supply chain Co., Ltd. and Redstone International Cooperation in Health Industry Co., Ltd. and Nanjing SF incorporated pharmaceutical supply chain Nanjing Co., Ltd.。The company is jointly funded by both the medical field to create a professional logistics platform that specializes in providing security for the pharmaceutical companies, distribution companies, health care institutions, controlled, visual professional pharmaceutical logistics services。  SF reorganization report listed also show that its subsidiary, Chengdu Feng Shun Yi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held by Sichuan Provincial Food and Drug Administration issued a "quality management standard certificate drugs" and "drug business license," the scope of certification include biochemistry medicines, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces, chemical raw materials, medicine, chemical medicine preparation, etc., are valid until December 22, 2019。  "All the listed private express delivery companies, only one with the SF pharmaceutical cold chain management qualification。"An anonymous researcher logistics, told reporters that, compared to the traditional third-party medical logistics enterprises, the domestic express delivery market in the first echelon of luck whether the speed of transportation, logistics and business outlets or processing power, both have a lot of drug dealers and third-party medical logistics companies can not match advantage。  Or profit from short-term unspeakable policy level, the SF vigorously layout pharmaceutical cold chain, pharmaceutical distribution market gradually thanks to third-party logistics release。February 3, 2016, the State Council issued "the decision to cancel the second batch of the central designated place on the implementation of administrative examination and approval items 152," Cancellation of drugs in third-party logistics business approval, thus attracting capital involved in the field of medicine circulation layout。  Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics also received unprecedented attention。January 2017, the State Council Medical Reform Office in conjunction with the State Health Planning Commission and other 8 departments jointly issued a notice that the government should take the lead in provinces and part of the pilot implementation of public sector drug procurement "two-vote system" to encourage other parts of the implementation of the "two-vote system "to further lower drug prices artificially high, to ease the burden of medication。  Two-vote system of regulations aimed at reducing medicine circulation, to a certain extent also the development of good pharmaceutical distribution companies。The aforementioned researcher said: "The big pharmaceutical cold chain market space, the market concentration is more dispersed。Capital little outside intervention, mainly because the approval process is cumbersome。SF has obtained business qualifications, but in terms of its pharmaceutical cold chain business contribution to the performance of short-term or difficult。Entire business, from planning to cultivate it, it will take several years。"Zhao Xiaomin view, high value-added pharmaceutical cold chain transport, but the requirements and risks are quite high。"Pharmaceutical cold chain transport, requires companies to do precise distribution。Drugs temperature control during transport, the need for a range of equipment assistant, not a simple hardware can be reached, we believe it is likely to cause pollution of drugs。Further integration of transport resources required, if any need to have a special channel resources。"According to Zhao Xiaomin observed, other pharmaceutical cold chain of pharmaceutical companies have the layout, overall revenue is still not very optimistic, still in the investment stage。  However, SF involved in pharmaceutical cold chain, still bring great imagination to the outside world, or even that there might be "spoiler" of the original distribution industry interests。  Analysts said, whether it is from the "last kilometer" layout of outlets, or from the air transport capacity point of view, compared to other medical logistics company, has unparalleled advantages SF。  "SF pharmaceutical cold chain business in 2016 revenue size should be more than 400 million yuan in 2017 revenue is expected to increase again。But for SF layout, we believe that the fresh cold chain and other business strong, again vigorously layout pharmaceutical cold chain, some more appropriate; or to pharmaceutical cold chain layout, you can first start with medicine, medical equipment, these two phases lower than those required medicine。"Zhao Xiaomin representation。(Original title: Investment 7.1.8 billion yuan business development cold transport "spoiler" pharmaceutical cold chain transportation logistics SF Holding differentiated layout layout) (Editor: DF318)