"Create 101" selection is expected to join the women's team Huangzi Tao Jie

  It is reported that, through the floor "to create 101" to create, develop and actively explore the Internet, especially female idol group to develop the way, not only will lead the audience to get to know those at the trough of the Chinese women's team society, will make every effort to help 101 by dream girl, the stage belongs to them and create wonderful。 The main visual element in countless triangle condensed from the giant wall symbolizes what?101 girls are receiving calls from the founder of the women's team, or they are about to break the mysterious unknown obstacles, trying to release energy summit?  In addition to the main program sultry mysterious vision "to create 101" mentor lineup also exceptionally raised high expectations。 Prior to create exposed Chinese version of Desire "to create 101", we would have added to the analysis and prediction of the MC and mentor, after all, this show is the star of stars in addition, also we need to have real strength to lead the 101 girls grow。 For the online rumors about joining Huangzi Tao Zhang Jie, many friends, he said: "Huang Zitao with Zhang Jie, this is a new formulation of the combination of gold"。
  Although Huangzai Tao and Zhang Jie has a very different ultimate style, but two people on the same stage partner for users of screen quite interested。
One is the straightforward unassuming character, swept expression package circles idol; a contract is nearly two years popular singer burst models TV drama theme song, so subversive combination really raised high expectations。 Interestingly, the two are the same as the draft origin, Huangzi Tao and Zhang Jie whether the "creation of 101" all in subversion of cognitive idol, mentor of the strength of the real highlights?Two people together will bring what kind of wonderful stories?In addition to Zhang Jie could usher in Huangzi Tao and join forces "do something", "to create 101" which stars will have to join it?Let us look forward to it!          。