China's first insurance company was founded less than two years the Internet has reached 80 billion US dollars valuation

Whether you listen heard, China Zhong An online so founded less than two years the insurance company's valuation has reached 80 billion US dollars。  According to foreign media sources said on Friday, including Morgan Stanley, including a consortium An Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Zhong An Online) insurance companies to China's first Internet public investment 9.$ 3.4 billion, corresponding to the company valuation of $ 8 billion。  Zhong An online in the statement sent to foreign media, said the sources of financing of the company is focused on a group of equity investors in China, including the China International Capital Corporation Limited, CDH Investments, Keywise Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited and SAIF investment Fund。  This is the case for the latest wave of Chinese Corporate Finance。Chinese Internet companies are growing rapidly, taxi, order food and other Internet companies have to rise, this round of financing boom promote this kind of enterprise valuation of billions of dollars。  Zhong An online officially opened in November 2013, shareholders of the company include China Ping [microblogging] insurance and technology companies such as Tencent。Zhong An online is the largest shareholder of Alibaba Group affiliates Zhejiang small and micro financial services group, the latter's operations Alipay [microblogging] (Po) business, moving into banking。