Eat yam eating to pay attention to such poisoning (1)

  Yam eating incorrectly can cause poisoning life, eating some food poisoning cases caused by food are many, such as eating undercooked green beans, sprouted potatoes, fresh mushrooms, etc., can lead to food poisoning。
If you eat right and yams, can also cause poisoning, let's take a look at some of the taboos eat yams。  A taboo: You can not eat fish and yam have a good tonic effect, but we can not eat fish, including carp, crucian carp, served with both easily lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain occurs。
  Yam and fish can not be eaten together two taboos: women can not be excessive consumption of yam and warm, kidney and spleen role。But yam contains large amounts of estrogen, a female friend if excessive consumption, there may be hormonal hyperstimulation, leading to menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, and other consequences of endometrial hyperplasia。
  Yam eating incorrectly can cause poisoning eat yam 3 taboo taboo three: Avoid direct contact with treated yam yam mucus friends all know, there is a yam skin slippery mucus, which contains a substance called plant alkaloids, and some people processing procedure after contact with mucus in the yam, hand or face may allergic itching phenomenon。Therefore, when a peeled yam, yam to avoid direct contact with mucus。  Eat yam is not allergic to eat yam is not allergic。Yam belongs allergic contact dermatitis medically。
Since not everyone in contact yam have this symptom, it also may be an allergic reaction。
Now that the factors leading to such contact dermatitis are alkaloids escin or yam skin mucus contained in containing skin contact with these two components will be itching。  Generally you can use salt water or vinegar solution to wash skin allergies can eat yam yam fact, it contains a lot of protein and trace elements that can help us effectively ensure their own health, but yam contains saponins prime。
And alkaloids mucus in fact, will easily lead to allergies so that the skin allergies should be careful to eat。  Skin allergies it is best not to eat yam, yam contains large amounts of protein, vitamins and beneficial trace elements, can regulate the immune system, enhance immunity, it is good for the skin allergy sufferers, but the yam skin contained escin or mucus in alkaloid containing a substantial minority of exposure can cause itching and allergic yams。