US Air China airline passenger luggage more free care 2 Spring Festival special ticket

BEIJING, Jan. 12 – According to the US "World News" reported that Chinese airlines increased North American direct flights across China flight services, enabling operators to fly China United Airlines American business for decades routes affected, to snatch away the tourists, increase the quality of service, United Airlines announced that, with effect from January 11 local time, United Airlines route from North America to fly to all of China, will cancel the provisions of the second piece of checked baggage charges passengers, but also to launch Chinese New Year special ticket, which the Chicago non-stop round-trip ticket price of Beijing during the Spring Festival, or even less than $ 500。
United Airlines announced that starting January 11 the United States to fly China flights, passengers can enjoy two free checked baggage service。 (United States, "World News" archive photo) United Airlines Asia Pacific and vice president of sales for Atlantic horse Fuss (MarcelFuchs) said, "We attach great importance to feedback travelers and are willing to travelers to Chinese travelers, especially leisure travel, provided two free checked baggage welfare, to make their travel more convenient。
"In addition, United Airlines said that any 2018 January 9 to February 16, and passengers in April 2018 between 2 to June 10, the date of travel, can enjoy Cheap Flights。 United Airlines currently operate weekly between between the United States and China and from a total of 89 flights were nonstop reach Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and。
Haitian head of Chicago Chen Shasha said the travel industry has been repeatedly reflected to United Airlines, Chinese passenger flying Chinese generally have more baggage, if it continues to restrict only to enjoy a free checked baggage, regardless of fare and more competitive, both difficult to get the attention of customers, "now finally free to relax pieces of luggage, plus generous United Airlines recently launched special fares, is expected to attract some passengers aboard。 "Based on current ticket system, almost non-stop Chicago Shanghai, Beijing, with daily flight machine, if starting January 21, returned to Chicago, then February 18, the fare plus fuel tax and other taxes of $ 647; and Similarly Chicago non-stop Shanghai Eastern Airlines, on the 10th to set starting January 21, February 21 return air tickets, the price to US $ 705。
United Airlines Chicago non-stop Beijing ticket, starting January 21, February 18 return, then, can be purchased for as little as $ 490; while Hainan Airlines starting January 20 Chicago fly to Beijing, February 22 return ticket, then cost $ 679。 Editor: Li Ruichen。