Drink it before going to bed to master the correct time to drink

Water before going to bed to drink it is very important to us, who once dry, the body becomes unhealthy oh。 So, before going to bed to drink it, and when it is best to drink small series with a look at 6681 and before going to bed to drink it and drink the right time and what it!Before going to bed to drink it before going to bed should not drink too much water, but can be a little sip on the two, particularly the elderly。
When people sleeping, because the body water loss, resulting in reduction of water in the blood, blood viscosity becomes high。 Suitable drink water before going to sleep, blood viscosity can be reduced, thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis。 In addition, in the dry autumn and winter, water can moisten the respiratory tract, helping people sleep better。
The right time to drink conditioned room air conditioning air dry after half an hour, easily lead to loss of body water, too dry nasal mucosa, etc., or even cause。 Thus, in the air-conditioned room to stay longer than half an hour later, it is necessary to replenish water, drinking water, mineral water, water can, preferably the water temperature to about 40 ℃。
After bathing the bath, many people often feel thirsty, reach for a glass of water in one gulp。 As everyone knows, after a hot bath, body heat vasodilation, blood flow, heart beating faster than usual, would be bad for your health drink too fast, particularly the elderly, should be small mouth slowly drink a cup of warm water。
Constipation should drink it before going to bed when lack of moisture is one of the causes of constipation。
Constipation may be appropriate drink plenty of water, be sure to drink breathing, swallowing faster, so that water can reach the intestine as soon as possible, stimulate peristalsis and promote defecation。 Add water at the same time, you can also eat leeks, celery, and other fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber, relieve constipation better health effect。
People in the fever fever, heat will be in the form of sweat, so that the consumption of large amounts of water, can cause severe dehydration。
Therefore, the importance of timely replenishment during fever。 Can a few times to drink warm water or warm syrup, about once every half hour to drink。 Drink porridge, it is a good choice。 Felt uneasy。