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Stomach moment on what has become the theme of the moment, and how health care is a problem a lot of the elderly, the stomach is one of health, then the stomach and small series together in what points to see in what points of the stomach We introduce!Stomach points on what Chinese medicine to prevent stomach pain, we should start with the cause, focusing on routine health care, such as not to overwork, pay attention to the abdomen warm, proper diet, emotions, etc.。
Health acupuncture points, can effectively prevent stomach pain。 Zhongwan, the full three years, the customs, Kung is the most important health treatment of stomach pain points。
Here to teach you Chinese massage Stomach law, go and learn!Also known as stomach pain epigastric pain, that Chinese medicine is estranged from the Stomach epigastric pain, stomach meridian barrier, stomach loss of Ru Yang meridians are over, where the attending caused by improper diet, fatigue, by the cold, not emotions Chang and other factors can induce and aggravate the condition。
Prevent the occurrence of epigastric pain, focusing on routine health care, we should start from the cause, such as to prevent excessive physical exertion, keep warm abdomen, pay attention to diet, control your emotions, etc.。
Massage can also do some routine health care points, as often rubbing the abdominal the full three years, the customs, and other points Gongsun。 Neiguan, Gongsun points stomach in what is an important point within the customs points on the human body。
The customs in the middle of the forearm, wrist stripes on the 2 inch of the place。 Kung inner edge of the foot, the lower front of the first metatarsal。
Kung and the clearance are eight confluence points, 8 eight confluence points, four in the upper limb, lower limb 4。 Chinese often put a eight confluence points on a eight confluence points on the upper limbs and lower limbs to match the composition of four pairs, each pair has a unique healing function。
Neiguan and Gongsun that cures heart, chest, stomach pair。 Zusanli "belly three years to stay" Zusanli stomach nursed back to health is a big hole, is also an important strong points of the human body, any part of the stomach problems can use the full three points in this treatment。 Zusanli knee now 3 inches out of position。