Boy or woman to master the skills of these points on the line

What skills?In particular, Mr. Some girl or a boy, that boy or woman you know what skills you?Following small to talk with you boy or woman what skills, what does。
Vaginal female diet generally acidic, basic substance if secreted at high tide, are more suitable?Sperm survival, like a boy must be noted that girls should want to have to maintain the body's acidic environment。 Diet food is divided into acidic, basic and neutral, men eat more acidic foods, women eat alkaline foods that can help a boy; while men eat more alkaline foods, women eat more acidic foods, then for a girl more favorable。 Acidic foods: milk, eggs, fish, meat (such as:,, fish), sour fruits (such as: tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, pineapple,,,)。
Want a boy: Men should be based on acidic foods。
Want a girl: Women should be acidic foods。 Alkaline foods: beans (such as: green beans, soybeans, red beans), vegetables, lettuce, potatoes, bamboo shoots, onions ,, cauliflower, seaweed, fruit (,, loquat), wheat flour products ,, tea boy hope: women should alkaline foods。 Want a girl: Men should be based on alkaline foods。 Master ovulation ovulation when the woman approaching the same room, easy boy, after ovulation is likely to have daughters。 It is the use of X sperm live longer than a short life characteristic y sperm, sperm artificially manufactured or cause X y successful binding of sperm and egg timing。 Boy or woman skills change vaginal pH room in advance, with 2% or% sodium bicarbonate solution rinse the vagina, can increase the chance of a boy born。 Douching then intercourse or vinegar with an appropriate concentration of 1% sodium lactate solution, can increase the chance of a girl。 Orgasm control method if you want a boy, then his wife after reaching the orgasm ejaculation again。 Because sperm weak acid resistance, if in an alkaline environment,?More active sperm than X sperm。 If you want a girl, you ejaculate before his wife an orgasm。
Suppression favor?Secreted alkaline liquid sperm, creating an acidic environment of the uterus。 This may be a difficult to meet sexual intercourse, do not need love, just inside the vagina to ejaculation。