World Arthritis Day: climbing often do you care?(1)

  Yan, one of the most common chronic diseases, there are getting younger and younger。
You may not know that some of your usual habit of action, it could be reason to accelerate joint degeneration。Up and down stairs, look at the computer, sitting cross-legged ,, rope skipping。.Today World Arthritis Day, most of these actions hurt the joints, joint protection, usually pay more attention!  When people frequently, knee bent in a bent state, the burden of the weight of the body will。
Especially in the downhill, the knee withstand gravity, almost seven times its own weight。
When the crutch is best to bring down, gravity dispersion。Try to slow down the speed, with the feet touch the ground, the feet do not touch the ground suddenly。
  1, affected by musculoskeletal benefits of regular participation in exercise, right, bones and muscles have a good role。It can improve blood circulation, bone, bone metabolism enhancement, calcium, phosphorus increased deposition in bone, bone elasticity, toughness increases, and help prevent osteoporosis, slow the aging process of bones, but also improve bone marrow hematopoietic function。
  Scientists experiment found that after exercise in mountain areas, the number of red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood increased to 500-600 million, or down twelve weeks increased to 8.17 million red blood cells / cubic millimeter。
With the addition of oxygen transport tool, so greatly improving the body's aerobic capacity; regularly participate in climbing exercise can promote muscle protein synthesis, the sinewy muscles。
  2, the impact on the nervous system of regular exercise, can improve the function of the central nervous system, energetic people, agile, improve work efficiency。Climbing can improve the blood supply of the brain, nervous system, reduce fatigue and mental stress, improve the quality of sleep。
  3, on the cardiovascular system have a significant effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease。Climbing exercise to remove cholesterol deposited in the vessel wall, to prevent hardening of arteries, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease。
Also increase the diameter of cardiovascular, increase coronary blood flow, myocardial blood flow distribution to improve the ability to increase myocardial oxygen utilization, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention of cardiovascular diseases。
  4, the role of the respiratory system can improve the strength of respiratory muscles, helps maintain elasticity of the lung tissue, improve lung ventilation and ventilatory function, increase oxygen capacity, and raise metabolism and body organs; other mostly near the mountain climbing water, rich vegetation, fresh air, with little pollution, and the air contains more negative oxygen ions。  Negative oxygen ions can improve lung ventilation function, regulate nerve, spirit, improve sleep, lowering blood pressure, stimulation of hematopoietic function, a tranquilizer, sedative, antihypertensive effects and fatigue。
  5, the role of the digestive system regularly participate in exercise, increased energy consumption, increased demand for various nutrients, therefore, increased appetite, improve the function of the digestive system, strengthening the gastrointestinal motility, increased secretion of digestive juice, nutrients absorption also increases。
  6, the impact on the immune system regularly participate in exercise can improve the body's immune system, reduce colds and diseases tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other secondary due to cold, due to bronchitis and emphysema caused by pulmonary heart disease, etc.。  7, the weight loss diet is the most basic principle of calories consumed is greater than the amount of heat absorbed by the body movement is the most important channel of energy consumption, but does not mean to participate in any sport can achieve good weight loss。The ideal way to lose weight exercise is a low intensity exercise, due to the oxygen supply sufficient for a long time, more than the total energy consumption。It is such an appropriate exercise intensity, longer duration of exercise, which has a unique weight loss。