Box of love letters

Back home at noon, her daughter looked at his face shrouded in mystery face, I do not know why?Daughter quietly said:“Mom, I found you a secret。”Oh!I was amazed,“I do have a secret?”I saw her come up with the same thing as the letters of a thick yellow hair wrapped in old newspapers from the room。Daughter taking a fresh look at the share of carried away look, I wake up, it turned out to be my twenty years gathering dust in a box of love letters。    My husband and I met through a friend, when her husband was still a soldier in the Dabie Mountains。Remember that the only way to contact each week to and from letters。I wait for letters is the happiest day。If occasionally something delayed the time to the letter, it will be uneasy, restless。I remember one time, because the little things are not happy, I deliberately did not reply to her husband, the results so tangled depressed husband, a husband on a continuous addressed to me every single day, told me that if we do not reply, he will leave back, scared I was quickly wrote him a letter just give up。Such correspondence nearly a year's time, retained nearly forty。Husband casual elegant word, each letter at least three, more than eight or nine pages, good good thick thick。I remember every time the postman gave it to me, sly eyes in a looming envy and happy, perhaps because he belongs to me brought me happiness, my happiness is also infected his。    This heavy hand of the letters, looking outside wrapped in yellow newspaper has made a。And my heart filled with emotion, more than two decades, I have always regarded it carefully under the storage box baby over dowry in marriage, quietly collection of this part of my happiness, not easily opened。Curious daughter said:“May I see your mother and father's love letter for you?”“Yes you can”。Daughter says“Dad would not have written it close nauseating love words?”I said:“See for yourself do not know。”Really, these letters are where we talk about their life and work, there is no smell Qingqing I love words, words should be the most intimate care for each other about it。Maybe this is one of our age love。    Daughter eventually gave up curiosity。I gently opened one of them, opening each envelope, I always cut with scissors neat, white writing paper has yellowed, and her husband's word is so clear chic。I readily gave his daughter a daughter playful said:“Respect the privacy of others, declined the temptation。”    ……    Time as fleeting, we are no longer young, and after a lot of ups and downs, once love has added ingredients in a difficult to let go of affection。Many times we feel the share of lost romance, my heart will always be an inexplicable loss。I sometimes complain about her husband: When we think about love, there is always lots to talk about, eloquent letter written like a novel。Always meticulous care for myself, and now the days are getting dull, as if not so many words between husband and wife, are so plain to live every day, fuel vinegar tea became the main colors of life, and occasionally feel boring, life becomes like a boiled water as there is no color。The only constant is more of a plain understanding, more of a tolerant, more of a caring。Perhaps this is simply dull real life it!    Gently put it into an envelope, slipped the happiness warehousing。Years of quiet good, so this is a nice, sweet heart waves, shallow broken pieces dotted with the beauty of life。Dreaming so I left that day, hold it away, it can be considered a great happiness!