Between Hong

Would like angel wings, caught a rainbow in the clouds。    Want gorgeous firmly in hand, suddenly found that you have not seen……    “betweentherainbow”Between the rainbow, we are at both ends of the rainbow, distant sea, yet so far away, in sight。    That day, Dandan birthday with a mythological significance of the date, 2013—5-20 several children, similar to the spring garden, ate dinner, played cakes, satiated。Two children, playing a variety of telephone, honey sweet words, naughty together。Confuse, staged drama, contacts out there, accidentally selected your number, how fashion confession humor。    Telephone past, unexpected, actually cynical beg you, thinking time, I disagree laughing。Summer does not change restless, hot, the totally do not remember talking about before。We are a group of children grow up in hiding, looking for a reason to smile。At night, the wind fluttering, the music stopped plaza, dancing Dam dance aunts have gone to sleep, Yan Jie Luo locked himself in a rather small house, her dream of Li Xiaopeng, Dandan next to me Sa Zhejiao, and at that moment the phone rings。Some nervous trembling, a few words, tonight silent spring garden。There is no intersection prepared in situ ring, getting closer, close enough to close your eyes, you can hear breathing。    The next day, you're wearing a yellow T-shirt, jeans suffused with the taste of youth, red sneakers bright sunshine day。A careless hug, Khan Baba gasp move a lot of free time, you did not wear glasses, full smile。Walked side by side, the piece is gone but never walking trail along the years, through the bustling markets, the day of meat products with a special aroma you love。To buy food, to the Dandan cabin, fiddle hands of the material, you side pointing a knife posture prone to injury, wash the meat should be handed over to you……Sentence shiver, that moment, I feel like a child, at noon that day, you eat your so-called favorite foods cooked pork I do, then nagging, that you had the most difficult to eat cooked pork。Hee hee……So a look at you in the side, trying to do everything as a result, but nothing done。You do the dishes, I watch movies, then take a nap, the habit of holding the quilt, you said I was a wonderful, big summer, afraid of heat。After that, I hugged several times。    We want to stop time, recording the best time。    After that, it is polite to eat with your friends, go THRECGORGES piece of trail, all the way Yang said some topic or not, there is always lots to talk about children's story, like the faint smell of smoke on your back。Perhaps, my life will not forget, you are lost in the stalls, then led away sweat。You are so abstract, but people unconditionally believe。Illusion of permanence, will stay in the moment, people food for thought。Senior next semester, which was originally parting overflowing mark, nor a little bit restless and I cherish the moment, every minute, feel warm。    One day, your luggage, I traveled along the streets of Wanzhou, waiting for you at South Station, suddenly, you want to send that read like, so there is a pair of fat you get off oil, reluctantly go with support skill off your shoes, looking at a group of a group of bus go, feel the sadness of parting。I think, perhaps, you are a little late, there will be more to stay, the scorching sun, you came from the sun, trembling tension, breaking the summer dust, for you like this, I Zenren angry, hold back a cavity of sadness, Tanxiaoziruo, that day, you told me that I was the most considerate girl, willing to follow you, is your good fortune。Going around in circles on an alternating afternoon, finally looking, black frame glasses, green frog T-shirt, plaid beach pants, take off your shoes Bigfoot, silly Baji disappeared in blackish blackish of the night。    A few days later, you're wearing a plaid shirt, wrapped in clouds dream in front, eagerly waiting for the former train station。After you unique hug, arms around me, picked up the pace in the night。Carousel Plaza universities, creak spinning, we miss bloom at the moment。Your arrival, just leave, full of fantasy。Stay their respective circles, slowly precipitation chamber friendship, the entire institution, covered with a layer of parting breath, so I know that time is up, the stars of the day from you, you should also return to the field。No matter how far, I want to send to send you, as you come back to see me, simple, due to the situation not Zijin。Really serious to hear you say a lot a lot, you make me wait for you, I will come back。I took that night, as the last day to miss, never daring to close your eyes。Your every look, panoramic view, in one day, from memory, out of nostalgia。    Parting is always too hastily, the sun was too early, in that touch the sun shines on you, you a turn, I tear a buried Fifi Highlights。    Phone, your voice so close, people are far, far away。I thought, this is not there then, just lonely suffering miss the martyrs, your job, your exam, your basketball, every day you told me become a topic。I know you nervous plan the future, I know that you carefully plan the road of life, I know I have a heart, you, know more, because you feel sad I'm around you。I know, I know, I think I know……    Restrain, missed call, eleven, you have come back to see me。Boy, or the original appearance, early autumn, deep and shallow, you will apply a layer of mystery。Some see through you at this time, it does not matter, the most important thing is, you come back, or back。I always have in place, you say, children, more and more non-I faint smile, in fact, I have always been like this, just a teenager, I did not care about the young appearance。Can not help but envy from your experience of life, this silly character exposed。Those days, I was very busy so busy, sick mother, I occupied a lot of time, it failed to thoroughly accompany you, those days are always the biggest regret, but also a one-month high wind was black night you let me out in the dim light, the blink of an eye, I saw the dark one。If at that time, knowing that one is the last one, how can I be willing to switch to open the line of sight?My mind, always in front of you echoed Riverside Road, ferocious told me that phrase, are not allowed to look for other men, must be waiting for me。    No matter how powerful the oath, can not hold back, a gentle hug, more loud。    Slowly, society we have become increasingly realistic, see the future direction。You always awake, to live like the night as during the day understand that you just one wish, because no hope, so I can not continue to work hard。I have always believed in trying to have hope。Persistent, barely your perspicacity。In the end, I lost the battle, your words, weak burst。An overwhelming cold, I see the end of a period of very heavy precious。Remembrance, you no longer。    You said that the recent people, you and me, as far as people, me and you, love to the depths hardest to stay, only in a dream, forever。    I said, the achievements you not because of generous, just, how many tears there can not relax。Leave you can not do blessings。    Since then, know, sometimes, never, just a word of time, effort opened a summer fall and winter, not boil or pick flowers。That Chrysanthemum flowers over the window sill, curtains rolled up a Xia。    After the rain rainbow appeared in the sky, the angel of grace and kissed the world millions of people, not questioning why you can not stay, lay down their obsession, smiling now。