Yoga must know the psychological knowledge of these things to do

Yoga must know what are the psychological knowledge with everyone for their health more and more attention, more of my friends have started a fitness exercise, but yoga has become a lot of female friends who would choose to exercise。But not too many people to understand yoga。
The following night on the network to bring yoga to everyone must know the psychology of common sense, a few things to do before Ay yoga must know to understand their physical and mental health problems themselves physical examination and psychological tests, it is for your body the most preliminary, the safest testing。Although yoga for everyone to learn, but the first step is to understand their own physical health, we can complement each other to achieve their desired effect of improving。
In particular, those who had had a number of questions on the neck or spine, it is best to discuss with a physician or a yoga teacher, do not rush to do some physical movement can not afford; psychological tests is their own emotional problems often encountered and analysis psychological disorders。
Yoga is a can let your mind fully deployed, enjoy rest and place to vent their emotions, so it is important to self-understanding。Want from yoga yoga when you discover this sport, you know what you want to do yoga philosophy is what is in the yoga teaches you awareness courses in yoga, what is there to get what yoga teacher yoga must know the type of psychological knowledge of the above problems, it is to help you before starting yoga classes reference information, to find out the answer is not clear, so you decide to start to invest time, energy and money in the yoga world, to be able to fully grasp essentials, as well as full physical and mental potential to assist self-equilibrium。Before you set goals to determine the target, we must first know that the goal is not to do handstand action after three months you set, do not push yourself very tight, the goal is not necessarily successful not ambition for themselves set a goal to be close to your body and mind, the goal is to see whether your mind and body better than before practicing yoga。In fact, to choose what kind of yoga center does not matter, so long as the closer you are, the more understanding of your needs, give yourself a score, really help your mind and body, there is progress, this is really suitable for your yoga。
Yoga is a gland of the body movement, there is no age limit, anyone can learn。
But when exercise at the fitness club or at home, there are several points to pay particular attention to:。