Bank of Japan meeting minutes: inflation situation is improving

FX168 hearing on Tuesday (July 21), the minutes of the Bank of Japan [microblogging] (BOJ) monetary policy meeting on June 18 to 19 release, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda (Kuroda) and the majority of the members will adhere to quantify qualitative easing (QQE) to implement the inflation rate steady at 2%, the future inflation will continue to improve。  A decision is expected to continue to improve the existing members agreed with the expected inflation trend, inflation and capacity gap in long-term inflation expectations in the current。  Affect a small number of members felt that QQE is weakening, long-term interest rates has been temporarily increased to 0.0 to 5%.6% range。  Some members considered the impact QQE still significant, while still capable of rising interest rates overseas domestic interest rates low and stable。  One member represents the consumer price index (CPI) growth is not obvious。  Members discussed the matters relating to policy meeting next year to reduce the number agreed by the central bank can react flexibly interim meeting when significant changes in the economic situation。  (MOF) on behalf of the Japanese Finance Ministry said the government wants the central bank can be more deliberate in setting monetary policy。  Proofreading: Changyang