New York launched the Chinese version of the website easy to apply for welfare use Chinese

BEIJING, March 21 – According to the US "World News" reported that the management food stamps (SNAP) and other benefits of the New York City Human Authority (HRA), in July 2017 launched a one-stop application for benefits and management " ACCESSHRA "after the website and mobile applications (aPP), has for the website and mobile applications division launched Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Chinese people use easy。 Receive HRA commonly known as "food stamps" in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and other cash assistance (CashAssistance) who, through "ACCESSHRA" real-time applications can understand the progress of an application for benefits, access to all services HRA。
For the past people apply for such benefits, to update contact information or to submit documents, it is required to HRA office or career center at around。 But now through the website or application, people can enter the network or use a mobile phone application for food stamps, submit proof of food stamps or cash assistance, tracking the progress of the application, processing and management of cases related benefits HRA matters, but also the first time anywhere, anytime receive notification of cases。
The HRA recent "ACCESSHRA" website and mobile application upgrade, the new multi-language version, which will include Simplified and Traditional Chinese。 HRA called on Chinese people to actively use, to avoid the long journey and a long wait in line to conduct business, to enjoy greater flexibility and convenience through the website or mobile app。
People may search for "ACCESSHRA" by Apple or Google app store, download the free application, after entering the registered account you can use to change the language within the application。 A "ACCESSHRA" account can be used on websites and mobile applications。 Editor: Xu snow。