Jimmy Heung died died early symptoms of esophageal cancer and esophageal cancer prevention

  That year, Stephen Chow shot that produced films such as "Fight Back to School Ⅲ dragon over Rooster," "Hail Justice Bao", "Flirting Scholar" and other box office hit, the film established his position in the。
  Jimmy Heung involved in production of the film has a "Supreme Supreme", "designed to catch predators", "Best boyfriend," "Romancing Star 3," "God of Gamblers", "No Risk, No Gain", " Flirting Scholar "," Kung Fu Cult Master "," Fight Back to School III "," dragon – Tian tong lao "," Hail the Judge "," God of Gamblers Returns, "" Flirting Scholar 2 of the painter-poet "。   Currently, cancer has become a major killer of threat to human health, cancer prevention is greater than treatment, we should be alert to early symptoms of cancer。 The most typical feature of esophageal cancer is eating coarse food, they have a strong sense of discomfort, temporary relief and will disappear after a simple treatment, most people's symptoms are mild, early symptoms are not easy to pay attention to everyone, a lot of when the patient has been diagnosed in an advanced stage of cancer, early reaction is important to pay attention to symptoms。
  Early symptoms of esophageal cancer 1: retrosternal pain or mild swelling, nausea。
This is not a symptom persists, but intermittent or after exertion and worse when eating fast。
This is because the esophageal motility itself all the time, only when lesions appear to creep symptoms。