Chinese couple bought 600,000 US street affluent area residents stunned

August 9 power this mansion has 38 circular streets, fired the uproar these days is the street of San Francisco 普利西迪欧。 The reason overnight, because two years ago, a pair of Chinese couple only spent $ 90,000 (1 US dollar equals yuan) put it bought, and have roads, sidewalks and public areas of the property。 This is a real estate man who for ethnic Chinese couple Cheng, his wife Ms. Lin is currently an engineer in Silicon Valley。 They focused on the street is no ordinary street, as one of the richest of several luxury residential area of San Francisco, where the sale transaction for each house could be on。 He asked whether homeowners are willing to buy back the property written notice。 Until receipt of this letter, to be sold is not known, which is the reason people feel incredible。 Household Management Committee where the cause is owed to 14 US dollars a year of real estate taxes for 30 years, the cumulative amount of unpaid taxes plus interest and penalties of $ 994, resulting in the streets two years ago is up for auction in accordance with the law。
And after a thorough investigation we found that the cause of the CMC unpaid taxes on time, was actually the San Francisco city government will tax notice sent to their residence accountant since 1980's to no further cooperation。
San Francisco city government spokesman AmandaFried said, "99% of the real estate in the San Francisco have people know to pay property taxes on time, all know to be updated contact address。 And everything is starting to do things according to the rules for this auction, government units。 "Cell of the rich know the news after all shocked。 Walked into this area, found it to be a very quiet luxury cell, the door has security guards, in addition to the different style mansion, but not someone out of the district, while the vehicle is parked in the cell are mostly luxury cars。
Who asked not to be named, elderly households face said: this auction will most people will not notice, it is believed that buyers are investors, so although I believe residential tenants will eventually buy back the streets, but the price is certainly high。 Financial experts AnsonIp say, if the owners want to buy back at least 10 times or even up to 50 times the price。
Nearby residents believe that this incident is a government default, not well managed assets, not responsible to inform taxpayers, but also low-cost auctioned off a loss。
Community gardener Narh said: "I do not know the street was sold, always thought it was a public road, if you later need to spend money to stop the work would be too bad。 "It is reported that this Chinese couple After several discussions, the final decision will charge the tenants have 120 parking spaces 'reasonable rent' on the streets。
(Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Lu Po。