After seven years of fate, I'll be your most beautiful bride

How are you holding like transfixed care, how happy happy to be with you。  Love is love, love you all, how eager I love you all。Millennium is not a bed to sleep, not met too late, is too young footsteps of the scattered。Some emotions can not hide, not to make the days of famine waiting to be old, but insisted Xiangruyimo。  Honey, remember the first time we met what scene?In retrospect, really memorable。Time flies, a blink of an eye a year before the project is over, we've been through a lot of rough Ke Hum, come now。We are ruthless treasure every moment together, with you always makes me ruthless happy, very practical, you are very pet me, hurt me, love me, you do not need to pretend in front of you, really。Hey, so, I will put a special love for special you。  Honey, read you a thousand times not tired face, the heart is like the smell of fragrance that month of that year。  Do not choose love, love must adhere。  Honey, I want you to have a home, a home belongs to you and me。I know we're a long, long way to go, we need to work hard together。You say you never say any promises, because that, if in the end you did not do, it will only make me more sad, more sad, you say let me wait for you to have the ability, you can give what I want Well, I'm afraid of losing you, you say, things did not end, do not mess conclusion, you say。。。。。。  In fact, true happiness is to fight a little bit, day by day is accumulated。Two people together is a fate, really good precious。Do not let love cry sad, cherish every minute together, should be left happy memories and laughter happy。No matter what encounter, do not easily break up, do not easily give up the feelings, the next stop is not necessarily better than her。  Love, really great, there is nothing exciting small happiness, but also a touch of luxury big happiness。But two people together, we must trust each other, accommodating each other, with good business。In fact, everyone initially do not understand love, and love to experience something together, even through some pain together, in order to become mature, will cherish。  I choose love, love me selected。  Honey, I meet with you in the most beautiful bloom, we are together。I will not tell his family, because we are not mature enough, but I will tell my friends, I had a painful love my boyfriend; dear, when I was 20 years old, we are still together。I will tell my parents own。  Dear, When I was 22, we are still together。We see each other's family in hand, get their recognition。  Dear, When I was 25, we are still together。I will roll up their hair to stay for a long time, you do the most beautiful bride。  Dear, When I was 28, we are still together。At that time, we will have their own baby, the family has passed a happy life。  Honey, I thought so and you slowly grow old together slowly。。。。。  Since I met you, I know there is a feeling called the attachment, there is a feeling that is called love, you let me know that to be loved is so beautiful, you made my life a little love, love, tears。  Since I met you, life is more meaningful than ever before, since I met you, I had been in love with you, since I met you, and even the troubles meaningful than ever before, since I met you, you are my only。  I love you not spectacular, earth-shattering, only lingering like water; you can not be in my love eachother drawing near, only relatively silent wavefront, such as stream of understanding。  My dearest, I use words to the witness of our love。Today you remember the day I accompanied, at the moment, I quietly think of you, I want you to love each other through thick and thin, hand in hand to spend this life together and you grow old。  Fated to Love You, fate seven years later, we married couple。