By Foma "mini three links" tour Matsu is expected to achieve "spare"

Data for: the Xiamen-Kinmen "mini three links" route of passenger。
Zhang Lijun hair photo "Matsu and Fuzhou is currently no way to achieve day trips, drawing Xiamen – Kinmen practice day trip, we also intend to Huangqi flight time to Matsu, Matsu and Mawei to adjust the two routes。 "According to the Director of the Tourism Committee of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Weng Weihua at Fuzhou, Fuzhou to Matsu two 'mini three links' route plan ahead one hour in the morning to sail in the afternoon delayed two hours to return, this way, more than a day 3 hours, create conditions for Fuzhou Matsu achieve day tour。
  Weng Weihua said that if the declaration goes well, you can of Foma "mini three links" route flight schedule adjustments this year。   Matsu and Fuzhou narrow strip of water, in recent years, the two continue to deepen cooperation in the tourism market, and actively carry out trade and cultural exchanges, promote tourism development in Central Matsu O, Fuzhou repeatedly issued official tourism consumption incentives。
  Fuzhou Lianjiang County Tourism Bureau Director Liu Yongxi said ring Matsu tourism as well as a number of tourism projects will be launched, supporting road network will be improved, Lianjiang County will strive to ring Matsu tourism tourist economy built on both sides of the tight junctions demonstration Area。
  As well Fuzhou Matsu travel Fuzhou Tourism Commission released a 12 ring Matsu tourism products line, which includes a six day trip line Matsu day trips, day tour circuit including Huangqi Pier – Mazu Beigan – Mazu Nangan – Masson et 3; day tour circuit comprises Huangqi Harbor – Mazu Peikan – east to – horsetail – like 3 night MINJIANG。 (Finish)。