Cervical erosion what medicine is good with folk remedies

Using which medicine is best?Speaking of cervical erosion is a big problem plagued a lot of female friends, for health and life of the body have brought a very serious impact, which methods are effective in treating it?The following Xiaobian to introduce cervical erosion what medicine is good?Folk remedies methods?1, Seiji cervical erosion [prescription] fresh eggs 1。
[System usage] will be washed with disinfectant eggs, break, take pure egg white。
After the potassium permanganate solution vaginal washing, wire ties cotton gauze dipped in egg filled after cleaning the cervix (the cotton thread and the left bar outside the vaginal opening to facilitate extraction cotton)。 Taken after over 5 hours, for 1 day?2 times。
Stop treating menstrual cramps。
[Utility] detoxification, swelling。
With treatment of cervical erosion。
Cervical erosion and bleeding were quite good effect。 2, Ye Zhizi cervicitis [prescription] a fig leaf (fresh products doubled)。
[System usage] will fig leaf to a basin of water and simmer till Banpen。
1 by hot bath, daily。
[Utility] detoxification。
Chronic treatment with cervicitis。
3, pomegranate rind pig gall prescription treatment of cervical erosion [5] pig gall?10 (after dried about 30 grams), 60 grams granatum。
[] Total system usage to powder in an appropriate amount into a paste, bottling。 First washed with warm water prior to the affected area, dry paint cervical secretions, then tie a swab dipped in medicine line stuffed cervical erosions。 1 day, once every several times。 [Utility] insecticide detoxification, tissue regeneration。 There is a strong antibacterial effect。 Indications of cervical erosion。
4, the treatment of cervical erosion gall gall 60 grams [prescription]。
[System] Usage gall research fine powder, the amount of water, placed in the vessel hot stew a paste, coating the skin。
[Utility] treatment of cervical erosion。 5, comfrey sesame oil treatment of cervical erosion [prescription] comfrey, sesame oil amount。 [Usage] Lithospermum made into oil immersed 7 days。 Sesame oil or boiled, oxalyl soak into the boiling oil, rosy color to。
1 day, applied to the cervix, the external line with cotton plugs in the vagina, taken on day 2。
[Utility] treatment of cervical erosion。
What medicine is good cervical erosion?What are the folk remedies?The above channel small as we cervical erosion, what drugs good information, you become more aware introduce it?Reminder To learn more, please continue to focus on health channel。