NBA CBA attempts to recover "artifact" Shenzhen Liaoning introduction of liquid nitrogen treatment device

  Although the public to liquid nitrogen treatment labeled "black technology" label, but in fact the NBA a few years ago began to use this method of treatment。
Somewhat similar to liquid nitrogen ice bucket treatment therapy a long time ago, before many players will be in the high-intensity training, immediately after the game to ice, or simply sitting in the ice water bath is to the body in order to reduce swelling and relieve pain , in addition to helping to remove inflammation。
The liquid nitrogen treatment is like an upgraded version of the super ice bucket treatment, it can create a super-low-temperature environment, the players enter the warehouse in liquid nitrogen to be on two to three minutes, although at the time the body was very cold, but in Came out of the body will have a good feeling。
US media reported that, once the effect of liquid nitrogen treatment equivalent to ten times the ice bucket treatment。   In the NBA, the Suns was first used by the medical team will this recovery method introduced to the players, then it gradually became popular in the NBA。 Cleveland's LeBron James as early as three years ago began to use liquid nitrogen therapy to help the body recover as quickly as possible, and this is one of the important reasons for him for many years to maintain a good physical condition。
Warriors' Curry also use this technology。 During last year's finals, Curry entered the warehouse in liquid nitrogen, then he said: "The inside is really cold, but in order to recover the body, is also worth。 After all, no pain, no gain。 "NBA 'artifact' CBA early adopters of liquid nitrogen treatment device is seen as a player in the NBA is restored 'artifact', and in the CBA this season, part of the team also began early adopters。 Shenzhen team CBA team is the first to introduce this device。
Shenzhen team spokesman Beiqing Bao Lu Jun told reporters, because the team in the summer Gifted years will go to the United States for a period of time, at that time, access to advanced technology and equipment to help players recover some of the players at that time also have some good experience feelings, then the team decided to purchase such a device。
And this expensive equipment, between 800,000 yuan to 900,000, but also the need for the daily consumption of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen bottle price of 700 yuan up or down。
After the players home after his game will immediately enter the liquid nitrogen tank, a game basically, it takes a bottle of liquid nitrogen。   Liaoning team this season also introduced liquid nitrogen treatment equipment, team general manager Li Hongqing Beiqing Bao told reporters: "Shenzhen team is the first to introduce this device, we first have to consult them over。 Before we decided to buy the equipment, but also to solicit the players, the views of foreign aid, because the players still want to use this device。
Later, we contacted several production equipment manufacturers, made further understood that this is the world's most advanced rehabilitation techniques。 Because the causes of some formalities and customs, this equipment is in the middle of the league, and the league started when the players' physical reaction is not particularly obvious, but by the mid-league, it is also a good time to use this device。
"Frozen red legs to fatigue faster recovery of the Shenzhen team captain Meng Duo Beiqing Bao told in an interview with reporters interviewed the use of liquid nitrogen treatment process:" Before entering the liquid nitrogen tank, need to keep the body dry, the body can not have sweat。
Also need to wear gloves and socks, tights, time is about three minutes inside, the inside temperature is minus 190 degrees Celsius, I feel before a minute and a half is still possible, but after a minute and a half, felt particularly special cold。
That feeling is all cool air into your body, wait until after three minutes out of my body and legs are red。
"Meng Duo for the effect of this device is approved。 He said: "I first used the year before last June in the United States, felt in the body is very fatigued, go in three minutes out, the body will feel very relaxed, I feel the body's blood circulation to speed up。
Now every home game will immediately kick in, the feeling of fatigue will be much better than before, not so tired as before。 "Liaoning team general manager Li Hongqing Beiqing Bao told reporters:" Most of the players on the team this device is quite accepted。 The players kick after every home game will go to use it, if a player peacetime training has not been feeling well, I will use。
Every time our players cool to be in there for two minutes, they generally feel is relatively cool, but not cool that people feel uncomfortable。
The players are using, like our foreign aid Hudson liked this device because he was before in the United States when it used this device, so he is very familiar, and very recognized。
"Liaoning newspaper Ta Kung Pao reporter Song Xiang。