A cut Qiuchou, Ann warm the heart

A cut Qiuchou, Ann warm the heart。。。  We all used to be someone else's roses, she met the surprise of a lifetime, but, then later, we still do regret the lives of others in Zhang Ailing sticky rice sub, end, or fall into the dust, fading fireworks。  How many gorgeous ring of silence, in the folds of time, and who reunion?Who resonate with?  How much meet, has long been silent, whether to meet again, perhaps it does not matter, the memory that quietly planting the garden, without having to search up and down, but also slowly aftertaste and miss。A cut Qiuchou, those to be slowly verdant flower, fragrance in mind, safe in the warm feeling。。。  ———Text / sissy moonlight, looked thin that thanks to the widespread loneliness, how much autumn came, the day does not much can love。  Walking heart, those left behind are law-abiding sadness, had to sigh, if you understand me, how wonderful。  How much loss, also first met in turns, deep in white, full of overnight horizon。  Ome clenched, the window may have come Chikuma?  The most is the bow of the tender, in turn gets?  Line in the apprehension, always uneasy, fireworks rubbed into the trivial, green porridge simple, secular adoption, perhaps you can loudly chanted in crossing to the other side。  Between you and me, just across the dream, who is going to explain it?  Dash of sea breeze gently caressing those who like thin as onion skin, has been very quiet。  How much heart and joy, always emerged。  Quiet night, remove the egg grass incense, wait, look forward to prime the pen-white, floral heard Shen Xiang, you are, I love……  How many look forward to, hold fragrant branches old?  A curtain quiet Fu, Zhu Zhu practice with silent, and the number of scattered verse?  Liebo years, the number of Wife, only between sheets carnival, those feelings to the death sentence to read, love to the depths has been thinned, only indifferent wandering。  I see more than charming Autumn, Autumn see I should be the case, the word inside and outside they are all sincere word of solicitation。  Those white memories quietly blooming, the worth of Xianglian one thousand kinds of treasure, fragrance never idle, do not panic do not disturb, day open in the window。  Eyes on the dye, Wushan clouds and rain reunion, string sounds are the love of my life outside the painting, the fluttering white dream, each petal is missing in the news。  Try approached those beautiful dust read, dream a dream, but a few degrees The red。  Time the ferry, the vast number of thoughts, The Hills impermeable, how many fall, and how many blurred。  Those warm, has been in the depths of time, with a faint smile mouth, there is always a chance encounter with those who rejoice。  That river fireworks, long silent, determine hundred thousand turn back in through the city, see the factors, see the United States, waiting for the next moths。  The memory types in the Flower Festival, will never passing as a flower Dimei, moved, do the world's most tender person, able to always meet the years well。  How many days of walking carefully, approaches the bloom of years, how much warmth weave soft, deep time gap。  But, adjourned to the edge of the cup by cup, how many former taste?  How much closer, they run away, and how many tired, perhaps never been, will never lose。  How much warmth fades Looking back, how much can not go back in the past, in a strange and distant goodwill, the better not to meet, it is better not met。  How much closer, much subversion, much to infinity。  Wangchunhua away, how much love, how much color encounter Allure。  Thin broken pieces of mood, weird smells, prosperity and bleak, alone will be brilliant。  Book of three hundred clear how many flowers near the water according to how much the mood, in a paper in the Su Jian do accompany。  Reducing the number of lost time and incomplete contradiction, again and again to walk, listen carefully in the beginning of the finale。  He smiled and bid farewell to earthly confused, far and near, it is better to meet, or passing through, not dying……  How many lopsided, whom stir the Board?  Love is easy, the difficulty is to get along with, like plain, scattered in the flow of time, to forget and cherish all the same long。  Far more than affectionate autumn leaves lightly, and the window of silence, or that lean name。  How many desolate inadvertently, gradually weathered, remaining only those warm moments。  Those painted heart painted Italian, wet throughout the spring, walking, listening, bustling how many encounters between characters tempting, how sincere a curtain quiet boating。  Standing deep in the years, how many feel a touch of Dimei The red, who has shown signs of better, as yesterday。  Reunion, the Dimei, moved, hang around, changing the earth's forbear how much seed sprouting, no return, and those sad sad。  Walking distant dream, is old time, look for a clear sky is static warm。….. Caolu under flowers, even tea millet, also had the warmest season。  How many quietly lonely, they begin, are slightly Allure。  Time mottled oath, snuff thin air, those who read a butterfly, and did not complain, nor regret, who can stop Splendor Fantasy?  A water horizon, a memo Fallen flowers, autumn leaf drifting。Conform to the mind, those restless, sit around and wait time to redeem。  How many days old, and not come back, all the text are plainly a heart。  How much faith, touching eternity, no increase, no decrease。  Beautiful and sad, are written into the rustic appearance, warm eyes, a smile blossoming, with an extraordinary sense of poetic, finishing the title page of life。  How much joy met, in line with ecstasy, in spend in quiet good。  Soft life, coming and going in, getting in the know in silence。  How much fate, how much fate, lay spotless strength of character, those white background, mindful smile, Lotus Yiyi……  How many have gone through the cool autumn air, the past has been I do not know how many dyed weathered, who can look as before?  How many want to say, go gradually, gradually away, becoming silent。  Some years, the ferry from both well, and how many regrets, going around in circles。  You have not, I still love, the origin edge off, Bliss did not break。  Nama ancient mind, walk through the cloud, to read a piece of thin, elegant predicament。  Inadvertently met those beautiful unspeakable, those feelings without a word, via a number of years of quiet, like shown signs。  Reunion are memories of recollection and caring, a garden hoe funeral how many Pure You Came and Pure Shall Go。  A long-cherished wish, prolonged tapping the cloisters of time, how much frustration, tireless, and how much is derived Sese US。  Looking back five hundred years, how many birds are flying long grass, leaving only inch by inch overlap each treasure and sigh。  Heart has been out of the window, the curtain that dream, but still just a bunch of yo clear that under the Bodhi tree joy of pale……  The figure of the past, is not alone, those LEISURE like, vaguely how many profound feelings of agreement?  Tap courtyard of poetry, repeating the picking their feelings。  Can not squander this life, not the afterlife overdraft, happy with all willing, all the cold can instantly get relief。  Gone through a lot of time, we can leave behind, perhaps by chance someone can think of。  How much fate, he approached the treasure, but missed the fireworks。  Said Fang, gently climb brow, how much time to love with Xu, empty heart。  A few years have, how much Qiuchou, hidden in the folds of time, unable to meet again。  Countless take the old times, go flat bleak, the case of life, love and if so, how much ink language sweet Yuebaifengqing。  If all true, can exchange for true meaning, I would like to keep a memory of。  Dimei soft flower bloom, all the years, all in the back in the blurred。。。